Month: October 2016

commie scum

WATCH: How To Stop “Liberal Commie Scum” From Stealing Your Trump Sign

This video, made by CNN of all places, shows the various techniques Trump supporters have used to stop what one man called “liberal commie scum” from stealing their Trump signs. […]

FBI Had to Have Found Evidence of Child Pornography in Clinton Emails

When the FBI obtains a search warrant for an electronic device, they search for terms related to the crime.  In the case of Weiner, the FBI was searching for terms […]

Clinton FBI Case: CNN Called Facts “Ridiculous” “Speculation”

No, Donald Trump doesn’t just like the FBI when they work in his favor. He likes the FBI when it is not corrupt. The way he feels about the FBI […]

If You’re White: Halloween is Racist, Your Kids Are Racist (According to the Left)

I love Halloween—the parties, the candy, the costumes.  It’s a great time.  It’s a spooky time. And it just got spookier. This year, social justice warriors are using Halloween as […]

U.S. Government Hid 14 Million People; The Truth About Unemployment

Donald Trump has a knack (some may say a curse) for saying what he means.  The man doesn’t mince words.  For example, he’s called the unemployment rate one of the […]

alt right

Algorithm Mishap, Pro-Trump Subreddit Given ‘Special’ Treatment (It Wasn’t Russia)

Reddit, the ever-popular web forum, experienced some ‘technical difficulties’ that the people of subreddit r/the_donald found rather interesting. The entirety of a few pages on r/all, the page which hosts […]

IRONY: Government Officials Afraid Because Citizens Have Their Private Information

In a truly creative and detestable fashion, CNN interviewed various U.S. Government Officials and political pundits to garner sympathy from the public. “I’ve had sleepless nights,” one anonymous pundit said […]

forced child to learn islamic prayer

School “Forced” Child To Learn Islamic Chant, Father Shocked When He Found the Assignment

The father of a student at an elementary school in Germany was informed by his daughter that she had been “forced” to learn the Islamic prayer, via an instructional, required […]

Man Who Destroyed Trump’s Star Got What He Deserved

On Wednesday, Jamie Otis of Los Angeles destroyed Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with a sledgehammer. Otis claimed that he didn’t immediately intend to destroy the star, […]