The entirety of this series will assume that Donald Trump will become president, and his policies will be put in place with all of the most popular or important variables, and opposition, considered. This will also assume that he is on the third year of his presidency in order to give his policies time to set in and take effect. It should be noted that there is no possible way for every single variable to be considered. So, to reiterate: Only the most popular or important variables, and opposition, will be considered.

In this part, we’ll look at the biggest problem that the general public has with Mr. Trump. There have been several instances of popular celebrities, news commentators, and every day citizens claiming that Trump would act like the Socialist dictator Adolph Hitler if president. This should be interesting to everyone no matter what their political alignment is.

Let’s find out if President Trump will act like the Fuhrer.

The Nazi Party, in German, stands for the ‘National Socialist Party of Germany.’ Nationalism and Socialism aren’t usually tied into one another, but, in the case of Hitler, they were. Add the power of a dictator and you’ve got yourself a tyrant. Donald Trump is about as far from being a Socialist as one can reasonably get. Mr. Trump does love his country though; this much everyone can admit.

Claim #1: “Trump will treat Mexicans the same way Hitler treated the Jews! At first, Hitler just deported the Jews, and they were starved, put in death camps, and murdered by the millions!”

Hitler specifically targeted people with Jewish ancestry or beliefs, regardless of their citizenship or physical threat to Germany.

Put plainly, the only similarity Trump has in this regard is the perception of racial profiling. However, the perception of racial profiling does not mean racial profiling is occurring. Trump has only supported the immediate deportation of criminal undocumented immigrants. This means that they came here illegally and then committed a crime.

Since the U.S. census doesn’t usually get any forms filled out by people in the United States illegally, we’ll have to use some very low-end statistics to measure the impact this would have. To give a bit of an estimate on just how under reported undocumented immigrants are; in 2015, nearly 20,000 criminal undocumented immigrants, not just from Mexico, were released due to strange immigration and amnesty laws. Several hundreds of them were murderers, and several hundreds more were sex offenders.

With that in mind, the following stats are from the U.S. Census and Pew Research.

There are reportedly 12 million undocumented immigrants in the United States. That’s 25% of the Hispanic population. About 20% of U.S. prisoners, 444,0000, are Hispanic. Keeping the numbers in line with one another, around 111,000 illegal aliens are in prison. About $31,000 gets spent annually per inmate in the United States. $3.4 billion would be saved by deporting them.

Keep in mind these are criminals. They aren’t the undocumented immigrants who stand in front of Home Depot looking for work just to get enough money to feed their families back home.

Claim #2: “What about Muslims, huh? Trump said he wouldn’t allow them into the United States—that’s unconstitutional. Hitler did the same thing! He was a Nationalist!”

Firstly, Hitler was a National Socialist. Socialism is the scary part. Its adherents are all about the redistribution of wealth, more government power—and eventually gulags, death camps, and so on.

There’s a very important quality of the Constitution, our founding document, that many people seem to forget. It isn’t unconstitutional to keep people from coming into the United States for a very simple reason: The United States Constitution only applies to citizens of the United States. It does not apply to anyone else inside or outside our borders. With that being said, just because something is legal doesn’t automatically make it acceptable. But, even so, a President Donald Trump would be right again.

Trump’s argument for halting immigration in order to properly screen and vet people wasn’t just a racist statement he thought of off the top of his head. Yes, .4% of the U.S. population are Muslim, and an even smaller percentage are predisposed to commit acts of terror. Close to zero. However, most Muslims currently living in the United States have assimilated into the American way of life; this is the key difference between Muslims in the West and a vast amount of Muslims in the Middle East.

According to studies conducted by their own country’s officials, just over half of the 1.6 billion people on Earth who adhere to the Islamic faith believe suicide bombings are sometimes or often justified. Most live in war torn countries like Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and others. These are the countries that President Donald Trump would halt immigration from for a short period. In addition, ISIS has stated that terrorists have purposefully been placed within the refugee population to infiltrate the United States.

So, if Donald Trump were president he would not be literally Hitler. And, after a short time, the screening process would be improved and the immigration process would be sped up, not slowed down.

These are only a few of the examples that show glaring differences between Hitler and Trump. Other differences include gun control, border security, the economy, and many others. These topics will be discussed in What If Donald Trump Were President: ‘Mexico Will Never Pay For The Wall’


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