The Department of Homeland released another 52,147 Undocumented Alien Children (UAC) into the United States in fiscal year 2016, 149 per day. A total of 5,203 kids were released just last month, September. This got me thinking: How many illegals have been released into the United States under Obama’s administration? At around 500,000, I noticed there was a rather interesting collusion. Wherein, the administration granted amnesty to illegals, gave them government benefits, made them eligible for tax returns (even though they didn’t pay taxes), and allowed their kids to come on over and live with them.

Nifty little racket. Here’s how it works.

The administration has given Social Security numbers to 664,607 illegal immigrants under DACA, DAPA, and the Dreamer program. This allows them to get driver’s licenses, welfare, and even tax returns on the money they earned working in the U.S. illegally through an IRS provision. At this point, all set up with Social Security numbers, they could become “sponsors” for refugees. Lo and behold, over 132,000 UAC over the course of four years were processed as “refugees” and sent to live with their “sponsors.”

It gets worse.

Over that same four year span, 167,000 criminal illegal aliens were released into the United States after serving their time. An additional 20,000 were released within the last year. (A keen reader would notice that the word “deported” is missing. Mostly because none of them were deported.) Since illegal aliens don’t fill out paperwork, this means that any of these criminals could have used DACA, DAPA, or the Dreamer program to gain a S.S. number, and then bring their kids on over to the United States.

No harm in that, right? There’s nothing wrong with a kid coming over to reunite with their family, right? Wrong, and wrong. There’s a lot of harm in it.

One of those DACA children, Fernando Fernel Lopez Aguilar, decided to break the laws of America, which he entered July 3, 2005, when he was 7, “at an unknown place, without having been admitted or paroled by an immigration officer” according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

On September 8th, in DeMoines, Iowa, Aguilar was speeding down Bell Avenue. He was reportedly fully aware that his breaks were defective when he collided with a pickup truck, sent it airborne, and then smashed into an SUV and nearly tore the top of it off. Five were injured in that crash, including two children. His citizenship was brought into question and his records were requested soon thereafter by law enforcement.

On the night of Sunday, September 11th, one of those children Aguilar injured passed away. Her name was Lea Phann. One day before her death was her birthday. Lea had just turned twelve.

This wasn’t an isolated incident. In fact, nearly 80% of those 187,000 criminal illegal aliens that were released had been charged with, among other things, drunk driving. Thousands more were murderers, and thousands more were sex offenders and/or rapists.

This is why there’s so much anger at Barack Obama’s broad sweeps of amnesty granting. There’s no racism involved. The anger comes from seeing Obama’s willful neglect of the laws which our nation has set in place specifically to stop things like this from happening. There are protocols in place for people who want to enter the United States, and those protocols are called “laws.”

In total, when counting all of those granted amnesty, their children, and the criminals released, 1,051,397 illegals are in the United States with the government fully aware of their presence and location. Most of them were granted amnesty and protected from deportation, all of them came from Mexico, and none of them came here legally.


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