In a truly creative and detestable fashion, CNN interviewed various U.S. Government Officials and political pundits to garner sympathy from the public. “I’ve had sleepless nights,” one anonymous pundit said regarding the leaked emails. “What if I sent [Podesta] an email saying, ‘My Aunt Sally was here this weekend and she is just terrible’? Because you say that to your friends. You confide in your friends, and who knows what’s in there of your personal life and your professional life.”

Yes, we do say things like that in private, and we don’t expect them to get out into the public for all to see. What if, say, Donald Trump were to say something on a bus in confidence, only to have the recording leaked followed by over 100 minutes of coverage by CNN? Also, anonymous CNN shill, why would you be emailing someone like John Podesta? The incriminating, unethical, immoral, and sometimes illegal things the Clinton campaign talks about with Podesta aren’t in the realm of complaining about Aunt Sally. “Felony” is a more fitting description of their contents.

Besides, after Edward Snowden blew the whistle and uncovered the mass surveillance of the public, President Barack Obama assured all of us that the government does “not conduct any foreign intelligence surveillance activities unless there is a specific and validated national security purpose. This applies to ordinary citizens and world leaders alike.”

If I Had a Terrible Leader for Every Gender There Is

If I Had a Terrible Leader for Every Gender There Is

Shouldn’t that make them feel better? Don’t you feel safe? You have nothing to hide, so you have nothing to fear! You sent those emails with a reasonable expectation that they would be private, much like all of us do, daily, with our online communication. It’s a darn shame that your reasonable expectation didn’t live up to reality, it truly is. In time, you’ll learn, like all of us have learned, that you should not have a reasonable expectation of privacy, ever. If people have power, it will be used. If whistleblowers and hackers have the power to reveal what you think of your Aunt Sally, then they’ll reveal that information. Just like the United States government can comb through our personal conversations whenever they please.

“I’ve got a new email address, I’ve got all kinds of new security provisions, new computers, and I’m changing how I use email. I’m not candid anymore,” said an individual whose information was released by WikiLeaks. Welcome to the world of us lowly serfs and poor people, Mr. Pundit. Using a VPN plugin on your browser is commonplace, don’t try to play it up like some cyber-security advancement the likes of which have never been seen.

CNN’s Tal Kopan reported that WikiLeaks has “faced criticism,” even from people such as “NSA leaker Edward Snowden” for not screening and redacting personal information (such as phone numbers). “Now for more than two weeks, WikiLeaks has each day dumped thousands of unredacted emails online and shows no signs of letting up,” Kopan went on.

Edward Snowden's Wikipedia Entry; "Still at large."

Edward Snowden’s Wikipedia Entry; “Still at large.”

Kopan is trying to imply that we should somehow feel sorry for these people, and that they’re people just like the rest of us, and we should empathize with the poor government officials who were just caught up in the mess like innocent bystanders.

Well, that’s never going to happen. WikiLeaks doesn’t have time to personally curate and redact hundreds of thousands of potentially criminally incriminating emails sent over the course of two decades just to appease some ponce in a proverbial powdered wig. There are severely damning things that have gone on for some years now that are finally being revealed through these leaks. One or two government officials receiving insults via email aren’t reason enough to shut everything down just so they can be coddled.

Kopan goes on in her typical presumptuous fashion which is commonplace among overpaid hacks, saying the leaks “contained personal email addresses and even cellphone numbers for a wide range of DC personalities, from current and former members of Congress and Cabinet secretaries all the way up to the President himself.” You know what CNN, you’re right for once. President Obama, who said he had no idea about the existence of Hillary’s personal email server, was using a fake email address to hide his name and communicate with Clinton. We found that out because his email address wasn’t redacted. (the address was Not very clandestine.)

Kopan also reported—and this one’s a doozy—that “once an email address or phone number is released, it opens those individuals up to both the nuisance of being inundated with harassing calls and emails and the possibility that they may be targeted by phishing or scams to try to lure them into further traps.” (emphasis added by the editor)

There was no trap set when these people talked about colluding with and paying the media, in particular CNN, The New York Times, Huffington Post, The Hill, and so forth. People like Kopan made the personal decision to collude with and act upon the wishes of the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee. They begged like children for their attention, and on several occasions asked them for permission to run a story.

“A friend of mine who was also caught up in this said this: ‘It’s like somebody robbed a bank and as they’re running away the money is spilling out of the backpack and instead of catching the criminal everyone is stopping to chase the money,’” the poor victim said. Actually, it’s more like somebody bought the election, rigged it against her opponent, lied about it, did it some more, used their non-profit as a money laundromat, and then paid people like Kopan to shower us with propaganda to cover it all up.

Welcome to our world. Upgrade your VPN, whiner.

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