The father of a student at an elementary school in Germany was informed by his daughter that she had been “forced” to learn the Islamic prayer, via an instructional, required assignment.

there is no god but allah taught in school

In English, this paper says:

(Instructions: Please let two students alternate between reading the Arabic and German lines);
Allah is above all. Praise be your blessings, O Allah, and praise be unto you. Blessed is thy name, and exalted is thy rule. There is no God but thee.

This was taught in the young girl’s “ethics” class, ironically.

This is indefensible, unacceptable, and just plain wrong. Regardless of your views on Islam—or, rather, your ignorance of Islam’s tenants—this is deplorable. If any other religion was forced upon the students of any Western country, the teacher, and likely the rest of the school’s faculty, would be thoroughly investigated and all involved would likely lose their jobs. But, since Islam was the religion implicated, this hasn’t become a major story. Even if it did, it would be downgraded to the class of “racist opinion journalism.”

There is no opinion involved, here. It is not within the bounds of opinion to say that children should not be taught another’s religion at the disregard of their parent’s knowledge. There is no speculation in asserting that the words “Allah, there is no God but thee” are morally reprehensible when those words are forced upon the young mind of a school child. This is wrong, bad, not good, horrible, sickening, disturbing, and, if this were to have happened in the United States, there would have been severe consequences.

Or, so we’d like to think.



Angela Merkel is the chancellor of Germany, the person who signed off on the massive influx of almost a million Middle Eastern migrants, and Hillary Clinton’s political idol. In particular, Clinton endorses and wishes to emulate Merkel’s immigration policy in the United States; she has expressed this wish multiple times. Specifically, Clinton wishes to enact a 550% increase in the number of refugees our country takes in each year.

Refugees who refuse to assimilate—and that doesn’t even touch on race, so don’t start with that. Refugees of any and every race, color, creed and background need to assimilate into their host culture. They should not be forcing a young girl to say “exalted is thy name, Allah” under the guise of “tolerance,” as teachers in cases like this one often cite as the reason for their actions. Moreover, very few school children even know what “exalted” means. They have an even slimmer understanding of the religion they may or may not be raised with, much less the religion of someone else.

Regardless of all of these facts—yes, facts; these aren’t opinions—the cultural norm insists that any and all reports, criticism, or mere mentions of Islam are actually racism. I’d rather my child learns the language and culture of my family, my country, and my people. These migrants would say the same of their children and families, and that is perfectly acceptable. But my children do not belong to them, nor theirs me.

Here’s that exact same document’s format with a different Quran verse inserted. This wasn’t handed to the student, and is purely hypothetical.

(Instructions: Please let two students alternate between reading the Arabic and German lines);
And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out. And disbelief in Allah is worse than killing… but if they desist, then lo! Allah is forgiving and merciful. And fight them until there is no longer any disbelief, and until there is worship is for Allah alone.

“That’s a cherry-picked quote,” the infidel—such as me or you—might say. I wish it was cherry-picked. I wish this were a mere straw-man argument, I really do. But unfortunately for civilization, this is a common theme throughout the Quran. All suicide bombers in the past year have been Muslim, but not all Muslims are extremists, obviously. I know this. We all know this. Only the most zealous of the indoctrinated among them would do something so horrible. They’d have to be taught from a young age the teachings of violence, murder, idealization and submission to a religious text and an “exalted” and “perfect” God, wouldn’t they?

Maybe from the age of this school girl in Bavaria, or the age of my children, or yours? Indoctrination by anyone to anyone for any reason to do anything under any circumstances is wrong. This is wrong, and that isn’t an opinion.

“Ethics” class. Ironic.


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