One of Hillary Clinton’s media shill supporters almost had a conscience for a brief moment, but his ignorance kind of overshadowed that.

Brent Budowsky, political and opinion blogger for The Hill and The Huffington Post, wrote an email to John Podesta explaining his contempt for another one of Hillary Clinton’s advocates, David Brock. In January, Brock publicly claimed that Bernie Sanders didn’t care about black people.

Budowsky was angered by the statement, writing “Brock makes the cardinal mistake of those who bring politics into disrepute with voters. He tells a lie that people will know is a lie, and insults the intelligence of black voters with a kind of elitist racism that Bill and Hillary Clinton should not be seen with.” He went on to say, “I guess Brock’s plan is that black voters are stupid and will not watch the ad and believe his lie.”

This is yet another example of Democrats not understanding how racist they look even when they’re trying to be ‘anti-racist.’ Hillary and Bill Clinton have a long and sordid history of doing the exact type of race baiting and pandering that Budowsky claims they are separate from.

“Should not be seen with … elitist racism.” The Clintons often times act in the same manner which Budowsky calls “elitist racism”. In 2007, at a rally in Selma Alabama, Hillary Clinton spoke with a stereotypical black accent in an attempt to mimic Rev. James Cleveland, saying “I don’t feel no ways tired [sic].”

In an interview earlier this year, Hillary Clinton was asked what she always carries around inside her purse. Hillary Clinton replied, “hot sauce.” And, infamously, Hillary Clinton called black American males “super predators.”

A former chef for the Clintons claims he heard Hillary call the workers around the White House “n*ggers” on a frequent basis. In the coming days, James O’Keefe is set to release a recording of Clinton “disparaging black people.”

We’ll see just how tolerant they are on that day.



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