No, Donald Trump doesn’t just like the FBI when they work in his favor. He likes the FBI when it is not corrupt. The way he feels about the FBI has nothing to do with childish partisan bias. Donald Trump—like all of us—only approves of the FBI when they’re doing their job correctly. Back in July, Hillary Clinton was let off by director Comey wrongfully, and several FBI agents have said as much, The Daily Caller reported. And, back in July, Democrats praised Comey for doing what they thought was the right thing. Now that the investigation has been reopened, they accuse him of partisan bias.

Let’s see which side of the aisle is right.

CNN’s Poppy Harlow had two guests on to talk about the reopened investigation. One, a Trump supporter. The other, a Clinton supporter. After asking Trump supporter McCaughey about her thoughts on the matter, Harlow immediately shut her down for giving an answer.

“I don’t want to re-litigate this in the court of public opinion,” Harlow said. Well, Harlow, it is literally your job to litigate things in the court of public opinion. That is your job as a commentator, that is your job as a reporter, a journalist, or whatever you used to be back when those titles carried with them a sense of integrity. The press is specifically tasked with litigation in the court of public opinion. This is why the First Amendment allows for freedom of the press: So that the opinion of the public can be litigated without political shills spewing nonsense and distraction. However, that has changed in recent years. Now it seems that political shills are the only people who become reporters.

Poppy Harlow then said “there is no reporting” to “back up” Clinton suggesting that Loretta Lynch would become the new Attorney General under her Administration.  Actually, there is. The New York Times reported in July of this year:

“Having women make up half of her cabinet would be historic (in recent years, a quarter to a third of cabinet positions have been held by women), and Democrats close to Mrs. Clinton say she may decide to retain Ms. Lynch, the nation’s first black woman to be attorney general, who took office in April 2015.”

That sounds a lot like reporting to me—or, as close as The New York Times could possibly get.

Hillary Rosen, a Clinton supporter, later droned on, saying “I subscribe to what your prior guest said—the lawyer, Abby Lowell. A smart, reasoned lawyer who basically said, ‘in July we had Comey come out with a conclusion.’ … They came to a specific investigative conclusion and a recommendation they made to prosecutors; that Hillary Clinton was not to be subject to any criminal prosecution. What [Comey] did on Friday was unleash a bunch of vague speculation.”

The conclusion that Comey came out with in July was not specific, it was not smart, it was not reasoned; it was ridiculous, it was absurd, it was wrong, and it was borderline corrupt. In that speech, after giving a lengthy speech outlining everything Hillary Clinton did wrong and proving that every statement Clinton made was a lie, Director Comey made the recommendation to not prosecute. A recommendation which Attorney General Loretta Lynch agreed to follow, blindly and devotedly. All of this, after having a thirty-minute private meeting with Bill Clinton on a plane.

As a side note; Rosen didn’t use the words “smart” and “reasoned” to praise the lawyer. She used those words to transitively denigrate Betsy McCaughey, a Trump supporter, who is not a lawyer and is therefore, in Rosen’s mind, dumb and un-reasoned. This is a wonderful case study of what the left thinks of anybody on the right, regardless of that person’s position.  If they’re a common person, then they’re not as smart as a lawyer; if a lawyer, then they’re not as smart as a judge; if a judge, then they’re not as smart as the Attorney General; if they’re the Attorney General, then they’re not as smart as the President.

Rosen responds to McCaughey’s lengthier version of the above paragraph by saying Comey and the FBI have been indicating that there may or may not be classified information from Hillary Clinton. In short, Rosen thinks the FBI opened an investigation into Clinton on a whim. McCaughey’s reply is the only appropriate one. (Emphasis added by the editor.)

That’s complete garbage. There are 650,000 emails, according to The Wall Street Journal, on that machine, and it’s very likely that State Department emails were in the hands of a sexual pervert who could be easily blackmailed. If that’s not the definition of carelessness, I don’t know what is,” McCaughey argued.

The rest of the interview is full of Rosen and Harlow making excuses and claiming there is no evidence of wrongdoing on Clinton’s part. However, Rosen eventually says one of the most insulting phrases that could be uttered in a political debate. Anyone who has read their history and studied up on law, economics, policy, and politics has likely heard these words from a Democrat: “Stop it. You’re just ranting today. You’re ranting ridiculously,” Rosen started, later adding that “[Comey] is giving people like Donald Trump and you fodder when there are no facts.”

McCaughey laid out the facts, but that wasn’t good enough because CNN’s shill didn’t want to “re-litigate in the court of public opinion.” And when the Trump supporter gave an argument based on the facts without diving into the past transgressions of Hillary Clinton, she was told to stop “ranting ridiculously.”

Maybe this is just me ranting ridiculously, but it’s evident that these people cannot be satisfied unless the person they’re arguing with bends to their will and agrees with their side of the argument.

That’s complete garbage.

If they aren’t adult enough to accept an outcome they don’t agree with, much less an argument, then these next four to eight years should be one hell of an experience for them.


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