For those of you living under a rock, Donald J. Trump is now president elect of the most powerful nation on earth and will soon have a big say in your life. As an Englishman who has followed the US election closely, I can’t say that this surprised me.

I first became aware of Trump many, many years ago, back when the WWF was less interested in saving the whale and more interested in giving a platform to men who like to hug each other whilst wearing tights. And now, the similarity between Trump’s rallies and the Pay Per View events hosted at Trump Plaza are there for all to see. The cries of “BUILD THAT WALL!” & “DRAIN THE SWAMP!” took me right back to those formative years when me and my friends would cheer our favourites and boo their mortal enemies. Trump ran with that atmosphere in the election. He even gave his opponents catchy nicknames such as Crooked Hillary and Lyin’ Ted and his entrance at the convention was a spectacle Vince McMahon would be proud of. It’s fair to say that he started the campaign as the heel and was definitely the outsider in a crowded field of establishment Republicans and Jeb Bush never knew what hit him. (Anyone seen Jeb lately?)

But, about halfway through the primaries, he became the face. The face of the forgotten. His combative style struck a chord with those left behind during America’s deindustrialization; the hard-working men and women whom America so often calls upon in times of need. They were tired of being told to retrain for yet another job. They were sick of being told that the Constitution is merely a recommendation and they were angry that so many of their family and friends were disregarded upon returning home from yet another American intervention. They demanded an intervention on home soil and Trump was their champion.

The Wikileaks revelations have shown us how Clinton’s team viewed all of this and they seemed to fancy their chances against the inexperienced loose cannon. Their plan was to go low and smear him, even going as far as to instigate violence at his rallies and place fake adverts on Craigslist painting the Trump Org as a hotbed of ‘F***NG WHITE MALE MISOGYNY’. Maybe they were complacent in that and should have put more effort into going high, but the leaks also revealed that Team Clinton had no real idea what Hillary stood for anyway. In any event, this was their downfall.

The many scandals that erupted around Trump would have finished lesser men, but each of them only served to endear him more to his audience. We watched him fire back on Twitter, issue stern statements on his website and humble himself for things he said 10 years ago and that was when the tide turned. People love a fighter; people love a comeback and we got both in spades during that second debate. The now infamous retort about jailing Hillary was on the back of a beat down from both moderators whilst Clinton stood there lying out of the side of her mouth and for me it was the moment he sealed the deal. He was cool, calm, collected and spoiling for a fight; the shackles were off and this was the Trump from the primaries. The internet erupted and the Crooked Media™ went into meltdown. “Look at him just invading her space!” “Only dictators jail their opponents!” “Literally Hitler tho!” We already knew at that point how they had prostituted themselves to Clinton, so it fell on deaf ears. Finally, we had someone who would face down the globalists and I could hear Farage cheering like I did way back when for the Ultimate Warrior. The RNC finally quit messing around and threw their weight behind Trump and he went on a rampage all across America doing three shows a night to thousands. The rest is history.

I hope I have his energy when I’m 70. I hope when I reach that age I’ll be like Donald Trump, and I hope to God he can right the ship because America is perched on the edge right now.


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