Now that Trump will be President, the left finally took a look at what his policies entail. Further, they looked into what kind of power the President of the United States has. This lovely headline popped up.

cry more

Grasping at straws.

This is a wonderful little microcosm of political illiteracy and hypocrisy. Yes, Donald Trump canbut won’t—take away Obamacare’s free birth control “all by himself”. The President has quite a lot of power, and that’s exactly what we here on the right have been trying to get through to you for decades. More on that later.

The Daily Kos reported:

Donald Trump won’t even need Congress to act to repeal some of the benefits of the Affordable Care Act and—surprise!—women could be one of the first victims.

That sentence contained a lot of presumptions. “Donald Trump won’t even need Congress” to repeal some aspects of Obamacare, and women “could be one of the first victims.” I talk a lot about word usage, implication, insinuation, and connotation and this is why. When I read that, I hear “Donald Trump will bypass Congress and take away birth control for women. They’ll be the first of many in Trump’s totalitarian fascist state to suffer.”

I’d venture to guess that was the intended meaning, as outlined by the rest of the article:

No need to wait for Congress to write a bill and hold votes and repeal Obamacare. Just boom, gone, no more birth control coverage for you. That could be a big financial hit to many women. And that’s just what happens before they lose their insurance altogether. (Emphasis added.)

This is purposeful misinformation and, frankly, it’s disgusting. Donald Trump has said he will “repeal and replace” Obamacare, not just take it away altogether and leave millions without health insurance. Do you know why Trump has the power to do that? Because Barack Obama had the power to put it in place to start with. He had the power to make the cost of healthcare premiums skyrocket to over 200% of their original cost, and there was nothing we could do about it.

Obama enacted some parts of the Affordable Care Act because he could, and we’re still suffering because of it.

Barack Obama did a lot of things just like that, too. Here are some headlines that could be made regarding what he has actually done:

“Obama Can Give Legal Status to 700,000 Illegal Immigrants”
“Obama Can Go Around Congress on Nearly Anything He Wants”
“Obama Can Mandate Hidden State Taxes on Obamacare”
“Obama Can Prioritize Internet Traffic, Thus Infringing on the First Amendment”

The list goes on. The difference between the above headlines and those new fear mongering headlines is, the fake ones actually happened in real life exactly as Obama promised they would. This is the first thing the newly disenfranchised need to get through their collective head: The President’s power is vast.

But we have the law on our side. We won’t have to look for ways to get around that pesky Constitution because it’s on our side as well. Certainly, Congress wouldn’t have to impose an Act which makes the President enforce the law due to his negligence like they had to with Obama. It’s called the “Enforce the Law Act”. Yes, seriously. Congress actually had to pass something into law just to make Obama enforce the law.

To show just how misleading that Daily Kos headline really is, here are some other hypothetical things that Donald Trump (and for that matter, Barack Obama) could do all by himself.

Pardon a mass murderer and the hire him to work as Chief of Staff for the White House
Put his own face on a coin
Create a bureau that does nothing but mew like a cat and hire 5,000 well-paid employees to do so
Declare breathing on Sunday a misdemeanor under the guise of National Security

The only thing that stops the President from doing those things is his own self-control. Oh, and this little thing called the threat of Impeachment by Congress.

Stop crying, stop lying, stop spreading misinformation.


Posted by The Editor in Chief

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