If you haven’t been living in a cave, chances are you’ve heard the news: Donald Trump has won the Presidency of the United States. This may come as a shock to those of you who live in a wildly inaccurate mental picture of this country, a cushioned blue bubble, if you will. If you’re used to the usual democratic echo chamber of virtue signaling and emotional reactions, you would have never thought a Trump win was plausible. But the truth is, if you actually paid attention from the start you might not have ever doubted Trump in the first place. Trump’s victory on the horizon was there the whole time, glowing like the sun just as dawn breaks.

There are three variables that got Trump to the White House.

The first is Hillary Clinton, an imperfect candidate surrounded by scandal and corruption. She split the democratic primary almost 50/50 with her opponent Bernie Sanders, and that was with help from the super delegates and the Democratic National Committee, which has its own major problems with corruption. It’s rather ironic that the Democratic Party seems to be the least “democratic” of the two major parties.

Between the former chairwoman having privately disparaged Bernie Sanders in several emails, speaking with Clinton as if she was already the party’s nominee months before the convention, and the current chairwoman giving Clinton debate questions from CNN, the DNC is indefensibly corrupt and the proof is in the Wikileaks pudding. Having propped up an unfavorable candidate who essentially rigged the primaries in her favor, the DNC was setting themselves up for a

Now, at this point Clinton still had a chance of winning the general election, after all Trump still had the higher unfavorable ratings. But here lies the second variable, the perfect storm was brewing under our current administration, you might even call it a hurricane.

It’s the combination of Obamacare failing, generations of bad trade deals, ISIS running rampant, illegal immigrants pouring in, race relations on thin ice, and more – it had the American people starving for change. And there was no better change agent than someone who vehemently opposed almost everything that our leadership had done in the last eight years: Donald J. Trump.


From the start he was able to attract massive crowds with his promise to build a wall along the southern border, and he broadened that support with his promise to impose tariffs on any American company who manufactures outside of our borders, then sells the product inside of them.

Part of what brought Trump victory was his talk of bringing manufacturing jobs back to America, which was music to the ears of blue-collar workers. They turned out for Trump and carried him across the finish line in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and unofficially Michigan; the blue wall; the rust belt, which was (before election night) thought to be very safe for Clinton. HRC’s loss was delivered by the famed “Obama coalition,” the groups of young people, minorities and women who got Obama elected twice. They didn’t turn out nearly as much for Clinton

The third and final variable is the fact that Donald Trump has been called a racist, sexist, bigot and xenophobe by the mainstream media and none of it stuck to the teflon Don. It didn’t stick because the American people are smarter than that. They realized the media is forcing words like “racist” to lose its power when they have called every Republican a “racist” every election cycle.

They were tired of the political correctness eroding our country. Democratic commentator and former Obama administration staffer Van Jones called Trump’s win a “white-lash against a changing country” alluding to Trump’s victory being particularly because of mass amounts of white voters.

What actually happened: Trump received less of the white vote than Romney did, and more of the hispanic and black vote. Of course that type of overreaction was expected but it just added to the overall glory of this win. The collective tantrum from nearly all mainstream media outlets could be heard around the world. Oh, the glory.


A Month or so ago Michael Moore said a Trump win would be “the biggest f*** you in history,” and it would “feel good.” And it does feel good. It feels good knowing America didn’t drink the mainstream media kool-aid. It feels good knowing America cares about it’s borders. It feels good knowing America wants a conservative-leaning Supreme Court. In fact it feels amazing, because it was such a long journey of media lies, poll rigging, rabid leftists, etc. It really is no surprise that Trump won, the American people have spoken, and we want change. We are the champions – and it’s glorious. Now it’s time to Make America Great Again.


Posted by Austin Mann

Writer for The American Revenant and owner of several Facebook pages, Austin currently resides in Ocala, FL.

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