The Australian government has announced a “one off” resettlement to the United states for refugees held at Australia’s remote offshore detention facilities on two islands, Nauru and Manus, the Australian prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, and the immigration minister, Peter Dutton, announced on Sunday.

“I can now confirm that the government has no reached a further third part resettlement arrangement,” Turnbull said. “The agreement is with the United States. It is a one-off agreement. It will not be repeated. It is only available to those currently in the regional processing centers.”

“It will not be available to any persons seeking to reach Australia in the future. Our priorities is the resettlement of women, children and families.”

The defense industry minister, Christopher Pyne, said if it were the case “it will be another great achievement from the Turnbull government”.

Behrouz Boochani, an Iranian journalist detained on Manus Island, said the Australian refugees would be happy to go to the United States. “Be sure that most people would love to go to America, but some people need to join their families in Australia,” he said. “I think Australia has to respect them because they want to join their families.”

President elect Donald Trump called the mass acceptance of un-vetted refugees (such as these) the “Great Trojan Horse of our time.”


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