The above headline is a direct quote from Raw Story. The “racism expert” they’re referring to is the Southern Poverty Law Center President Richard Cohen, who on Monday said that Steve Bannon, former Editor in Chief for Breitbart, is “providing a platform for the alt-right,” adding, “and the alt-right is nothing more than white supremacy rebranded for a digital age.”


Editor’s Note: We wish they were joking.

Cohen went on to say he “feels sorry” for RNC Chair Reince Priebus, Trump’s Chief of Staff pick.

“He’s made a deal with the devil,” the ‘racism expert’ opined. “He has to support Bannon, but I think anyone who goes to the Breitbart website and looks at the kinds of things that are out there, I think would be shocked.”

On November 8th, Breitbart reported that they beat “CNN, HuffPo for Total Facebook Engagements for Election Content”. Their readership is one of the top in the world.

To Cohen, the president elect’s selection of Bannon was not surprising because “Trump ran a racist campaign from the first day that he came down that escalator at Trump tower.” Donald Trump has denounced racism since the start of his campaign, and continues to do so even as he travels the final stretch into the White House that CNN said he’d never make it to.

“He brought Mr. Bannon in, not simply because Mr. Bannon is smart, not simply because Mr. Bannon is talented, but because Mr. Bannon himself is a white nationalist,” Cohen claimed. “We’ve tracked more than 300 incidents since Mr. Trump was elected of anti-immigrant vitriol, of vandalism — anti-immigrant, anti-black, anti-LGBT. And it’s incredibly widespread.”

Anti-Illegal immigration is not racist, it should be noted. Also, Donald Trump never said anything to disparage African Americans. As for the LGBT community, Donald Trump has stated and shown multiple times that he supports them.

President-elect Donald J. Trump holding an LGBT flag at one of his rallies. Scrawled on the flag are the words "LGBT for Trump".

President-elect Donald J. Trump holding an LGBT flag at one of his rallies. Scrawled on the flag are the words “LGBTs for Trump”.

“The white supremacists out there are celebrating Mr. Trump’s election,” he guessed. “People are saying he’s given them new hope. Some very prominent white supremacists have told their people, go out and make people feel unwelcome, go out and make them feel afraid.”

Editor’s Note: The American Revenant isn’t sure where this “racism expert” is getting his facts, but we are sure where CNN is getting their experts: from the bottom of the barrel, scraped fresh.


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  1. If you don’t agree with the left then you’re called a racist. That’s all CNN has really? These fake networks are just about dead but there is always the death rattle first..



  2. This is Obama’s and Hillary’s Liberal and Democrat violent racist thug supporters. They are the ones who has the responsibility to stop this, Instead obama and Hillary sits back as people are violently beaten, looting and destruction of innocent people and businesses property.

    This is PRECISELY who the Liberals/Democrats are. This is why the American left is Pro-Islam they both share violent ideologies, Human life and rights are meaningless to them. The Democrat party has devolved into totalitarian barbarians.

    Liked by 1 person


    1. We’re inclined to agree.


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