On John Oliver’s first episode of “Last Week Tonight” since Trump won the election, the comedian saw a bleak outcome for the current year, and years to come.

“It’s important to remember many people are happy to see him in office,” Oliver said. “But for the rest of us, we are faced with the same questions as a guy that woke up the day after a Vegas bachelor party, deep in the desert, naked, tied to a cactus and a dead clown. Namely, how the f–k did we get here? And what the f–k do we do now?”

John Oliver, who once joked that he would write a check and give it to Donald Trump just to see him run a campaign, said, “Giving him a chance, in the sense of not speaking out immediately against policies that he’s proposed is dangerous, because some of them are alarming,” Oliver said before calling Trump’s policies, “the to-do list on Satan’s refrigerator.”

“It is going to be too easy for things to start feeling normal, especially if you are someone who is not directly impacted by his actions,” Oliver added. “So keep reminding yourself. This is not normal.”

Oliver remarked before the close of his show “I don’t know what happens from here,” and then called 2016, which is the current year, “the f—king worst.”


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