After the DNC suffered a historic loss to Donald Trump, democrats are already looking for a new face to lead as party chair. The last two chairwomen were caught up in so much scandal establishment democrats seem to want the party moving in a different direction. Recently, a DNC meeting held by Donna Brazile became so contentious that a staffer only identified as “Zach” was reportedly booed as he openly questioned whether anyone at the top of the organization should be trusted going forward. After losing the working-class Rust Belt area to Donald Trump, democrats can tap an industrial-region populist like Representative Tim Ryan (D-OH), who represents the Youngstown area. But instead they seem to be lining up behind far left Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN.) Already endorsed by the likes of progressives such as Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, he has now received another key endorsement from Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, who made a statement saying “Now is the time for new thinking and a fresh start at the DNC. Now is the time for Keith.”


It doesn’t get much further left than this.

Well, Keith Ellison has expressed anything but fresh thinking so far. When asked on Meet The Press with Chuck Todd if Hillary Clinton, as the face of the “Clinton brand,” had hurt the party’s chances of winning, Ellison immediately jumped to claiming Trump had hurt his own brand by campaigning negatively. It’s as if he’s a Clinton surrogate and the race is still ongoing – he jumped straight to their talking points rather than answering the question at hand. That isn’t anything new. That’s the same thing we’ve been hearing for months. Ellison went on to say “Negative campaigning – people do it because sometimes it works.” Ironic that Hillary Clinton’s entire campaign was about Trump’s negatives rather than her positives. The direction this “progressive” would take the Democratic Party is a continuation of Hillary Clinton’s blame game.

Don’t blame Hillary Clinton for the loss or the disastrous state of the party, blame everyone else – including but not limited to: Donald Trump, Julian Assange, Vladmir Putin, Jim Comey, etc. And Ellison’s only excuse for not repudiating Hillary Clinton (like the rest of the country) is that she won the popular vote, so you can thank him for continuing to stoke that fire.


Supporter of the Nation of Islam sworn into Congress.

Keith Ellison is the first Muslim to be elected to Congress and he now serves as co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. He has spoken favorably of cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal and Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam and he’s also a believer in reparations for African Americans, which he wrote about in one of two columns for the Minnesota Daily under the name “Keith Hakim.”  This was during his third year as a law student at the University of Minnesota Law School 1989-90. Ellison’s demands of reparations for slavery were that African Americans should be offered the option of settling in an all black, geographically self-contained “homeland” if they wished to do so.

If this is the “new thinking” Harry Reid was talking about, I’m pretty sure segregation has already been tried in this country, and it didn’t turn out too well.


Posted by Austin Mann

Writer for The American Revenant and owner of several Facebook pages, Austin currently resides in Ocala, FL.

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  1. I agree, muslims should pay reparations to whites for all the white slaves they took over the course of history.



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