We hate clickbait. We will never, and do not, use it. Ever. This is a message to those of you who want to know what’s going on without blatant lies for headlines. Rather than beg for readership, we ask that everyone—media, individuals, blogs, and the rest—hear us out. It’s imperative that something be done.

Look, we get it. Televised news can’t be trusted anymore. They lied about nearly everything, colluded with the Clinton campaign, buried pro-Trump news, hold ratings above common good, and on and on.

However, nonsense like this is no better.

george soros clickbait

We’re sure the guys over at Liberty Writers News are good people. They are doing what they must, and we understand that.

This used to get everyone who came by it to click, share, ‘like’, and spread. But not any longer. People will still click it, but they’ll be apprehensive about sharing or ‘liking’ it. To get around this, websites will make their headlines even more clickbaity. So much so that you know there can’t be any truth to it and just want to take a peak and make sure. Unfortunately, the human brain doesn’t care about your predilections, and most forget about their mission altogether, read the article, and either move on or share and ‘like’ the post out of habit. Tears in the rain.

This puts content behind what I like to call the “Gate of Absurdity”. The only people who will take the bait are the skeptical and the gullible. It would seem, at first, that everyone falls into one of these two categories; but that is not the case. What lies between those two extremes are normal people who don’t care whatsoever about yet another clickbait headline; people like yourself. If you weren’t looking for an alternative and didn’t see a problem with clickbait, you wouldn’t be reading this.

So why does clickbait matter? How is it harmful? Because when the general population won’t click an article that will lead them to the truth then they will never know the truth, regardless of its validity. That is to say, clickbait makes rational, everyday people become unintentionally ignorant … because they’re rational.

Before clickbait, television media was the only source of news/current events and was therefore trusted by default. It was based on a system of honor, merit, ethics, morals, and the free market. All coalesced more or less and the truth came out with some bias. This was just fine; there were no angry mobs blocking traffic and rioting due to being misinformed and coddled by their echo chamber media sources.

We’re long past that now.

What lies past the Gate of Absurdity, when no one will close it, is the United States of America in our current year. The events and goings on of today are so far past reasonable that, if reported five years ago, a truthful headline would work better than any clickbait one. But not today.

Today, if Clinton’s Campaign manager is implicated in Satanic ritual and sex trafficking, the headline has to go a step further: “CLINTON CAMPAIGN SACRIFICES CHILDRED IN SATANIC SEX CULT RITUAL”. If you want readers to truly understand how bad the economy is and what our soon-to-be-President Trump can offer, you can’t just post an article with an honest headline and a well-crafted image like we did. Instead, any other site would make the headline read: “ECONOMY IN THE TOILET, IS TRUMP TO BLAME (HE IS)?????”

But when one ignores these sites, the only place left to go is the place they just left: the mainstream media. One could make an argument for another site or two, but that’s not enough to cover every range of person. Back when televised news actually worked, people would change the channel from ABC to CBS and so forth if they wanted to get coverage on another topic.

Those channels and all the rest have crumbled. Right now, we’re living in an age of primordial information discord. Order must arrive, and it must arrive fast if we want peace to be restored. The press is tasked with the very important job of litigating facts in the court of public opinion; getting the information out to those who would otherwise not have it; keeping the public informed for the sole purpose of helping mankind understand what’s going on in the world around them.

The First Amendment of the United States Constitution was dedicated in part to upholding freedom of the press, and the above paragraph is the reason why. An informed public nourishes a healthy citizenry. A healthy citizenry creates a strong nation. A strong nation can never be destroyed. The weakening of these structures is paramount to the successes of tyrants. An “unaware and compliant” citizenry, as quoted from Hillary Clinton’s campaign emails, can never become us. We cannot become useful idiots. We can never again become slaves to our own impatience and disbelief just for the sake of convenience and comfort.

If we do, America will never be great ever again. But right now, we can be reborn from the ashes of self-entitled, corrupt mainstream media. We can become The American, Revenant. Join us.


Posted by The Editor in Chief

I write news articles and edit other writers'. You can find out more about me by reading my work. I hope that you do. Enjoy, and thank you for visiting The American Revenant!

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