Politicians in Stockholm, Sweden decided to implement a “gender-equal” snow removal plan, causing injuries and emergency vehicle delays. These problems compounded on top of one another and caused even more of the same.

Previously in Stockholm Sweden, snow was first removed from main roads and areas before being removed from sidewalks and bicycle lanes. And since more men are likely to drive and women more likely to travel on foot, more women slipped on the ice. This prompted claims that the people ploughing snow were sexist and were somehow at fault for their injuries.

The new “gender-equal” plan cleared snow from all areas equally without paying attention to any factor other than simply getting rid of the snow. Last week, however, police said this system was so awful that it posed a danger to society. The snow caused car accidents resulting in injuries, slips and falls resulting in broken bones; neither could be taken care of by ambulances or police vehicles due to the abundance of un-ploughed snow.

The system was championed by the Red-Green coalition, consiting of politicians from the Social Democratic Party, Green Party, Left Party, and Feminist Initiative. When elected in 2014, the introduction of a the “feminist” snow removal system was high on their to-do list.

Vice-mayor of Stockholm, Green Party’s Daniel Helldén, admitted that “equality snow removal” was a bad idea, and apologized to residents who had injured themselves as a result.


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