Apparently, if you aren’t a progressive Liberal, a Socialist, Communist, or other kind of Marxist, Google and Facebook decided that you, and all of your work, is “fake news”.

Then I guess The American Revenant is “fake news” because we support our President-elect, Donald Trump, as every American should. We’re “fake news” because we want Western and American values to stay strong and remain intact, and because we want our children to grow up in a society where they aren’t called racist for the slightest transgression against the dogma that is the progressive left.

“Just boycott Facebook and Google if you don’t like it,” some contrarian Libertarians say. Should we then also tell those in the early 20th century that if they don’t like the railway monopoly then they should just stop traveling? Should we tell those whose phones were from Bell Telephone Company to stop talking to their loved ones?

Our message cannot get out if we don’t promote that message where the readers and viewers are, and they’re on Facebook and use Google. The ones that need our message the most don’t know how truly terrible the times they live in really are and wouldn’t boycott Google and Facebook even if they did. They believe that they’ve been transgressed by the Electoral College and a “racist” President-elect, when in fact they’ve been deceived and harmed by the very people who made them believe those lies.

Reader, do you know what I used to do for a living? I used to be an author. I used to write books, columns, innocent opinion articles, and so forth. I made a decent living. I made a better than decent living, actually. Then, one day, I saw where things were going to end up if people like myself didn’t take it upon themselves to start writing for the greater good instead of the individual need. I saw that our great country, The United States of America, was going to end up becoming a Socialist hellhole populated by God-less heathens and their corrupt, degenerate leaders who line their pockets with money taken from the people who elected them.

Unfortunately, I was right. It was headed that way, and We the People managed to stop it — but just barely.

No good deed goes unpunished, however. Because now that my real name is attached to my work, I’m called a racist despite being Native American, and I don’t mean like Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren. I’m called a sexist misogynist despite loving my wife to such a degree that I would gladly give my life to ensure she gets to live for another second.

And now, we aren’t considered real news because we love The United States of America. Do you know what would have happened if a company decided it was going to cater only to anti-Americans, Socialists, and Communists in the 1960’s? They would have been brought to trial on suspicion of terrorism, and rightfully so. If mobs into the thousands of illegal immigrants rioted, burned American flags, attacked people, and destroyed property during those times, they would have been charged with terrorism.

But not anymore. Now, we don’t have such certainties. Now, we have to pretend like these anti-American, anti-freedom, destructive cowards and degenerates are real news while all other information is considered fake by default. Statistics are fake, then. As are facts and math. Being pro-American is wrong. According to them, being pro-West is wrong, we’re wrong and America is wrong. And not only are we expected to put up with these claims, we’re expected to thank them for getting rid of these “fake” news stories.

How about, “no.”

How about this, progressives: you all start to fold like we know you’re going to, start ratting one another out, blaming everyone else, and implode. If you don’t do it now you will in a few months’ (or years’) time. Because that’s what you do. You never take the blame, own up to your actions, or can even fathom the possibility that you’re wrong. You can’t be reasoned with as you’ve made abundantly clear.

Until then, we’re The American Revenant, and we make “fake” news. Enjoy your stay. Unless you’re a progressive, in which case I’m sorry if the reading level was too high. We spent time learning when we were in class instead of crying, petting puppies, and making arts-and-crafts with Play-Dough. Grow up and embrace the real world before it comes crashing down and you don’t have a chance to react.

The real world is coming, too. It’s right around the corner. But you won’t know it because it will have the tag “fake news” on it.



Posted by The Editor in Chief

I write news articles and edit other writers'. You can find out more about me by reading my work. I hope that you do. Enjoy, and thank you for visiting The American Revenant!

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  1. I love how New Right numpties use the language of a 15 year-old schoolgirl to denigrate all left-leaning people and then say things like “I’m sorry if the reading level was too high”. Classy. Enjoy your plutocracy, idiot.



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