It’s been ten days since Republican nominee Donald Trump became President-elect Donald Trump. In the last week we’ve all seen the headlines claiming Trump’s transition team, with which he’s finding people to fill positions within his cabinet, is a total disaster. Whether that’s true or not, the press wouldn’t know — they can’t even keep up with him (according to reports of a press pool waiting around in Trump Tower only to find out Trump had slipped past them to get dinner.) But this is just a sneak peek of what’s to come in the next four years. The media will continue to spew whatever narrative they choose and then list the source as someone anonymous if they need to. It’s what they do, and it’s about to get a whole lot worse.


Donald Trump at one of his many, many speeches.

From the very beginning we saw how the mainstream media (MSM) twisted Trump’s message on illegal immigration into “proof” that he’s a xenophobic racist, who specifically has antipathy towards people of Mexican descent. They would also invite Trump onto their shows for interviews and act a bit friendly, which was their way of showing how unbiased or impartial they are. That, of course isn’t true — the interviews were just another vessel to spin the story to fit their narrative. The mainstream media used these interview to try and ask him “gotcha questions.” Although Trump ultimately won, for the time being his unfavorable ratings soared and he lost some business (Macy’s, NBC, etc.)


“We’re gonna build that wall.”

Whether President Trump builds the wall or not, brings back manufacturing jobs or not, defeats ISIS or not — the mainstream media will continue to spin everything he does, every move he makes as negatively as they possibly can.

Anti-Trump rioters across the nation have been given a voice by the mainstream media as well — painted in a positive light as peaceful protesters, as if they have genuine grievances. This is despite the fact that these “protesters” are actually rioting. They are attacking people, destroying property, and burning things in the streets all in the name of social protest. I’ve asked myself if this is even the same America I lived in eight years ago.

Perhaps it isn’t the same America, and perhaps that’s why the mainstream media has gotten so comfortable with their extreme biases and antics. Antics like CNN giving a former cameraman (also “protesting”) nearly a minute on air to throw a total tantrum about Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote, but losing the electoral college. Much like she did in the 2008 Democratic primaries where she won the popular vote but not the delegates. We didn’t see protests back then, and if there were any at all the media surely didn’t give them the spotlight. The difference is only one variable; Donald Trump.


Donald Trump’s tax plan exempts child care costs entirely.

Trump surviving a year and a half of the lies and deceit coming from the MSM (he’s been called every name in the book) doesn’t mean he’ll be able to survive another four years. And depending on how well Trump does, we’ll see if the nickname Teflon Don actually rings true. If he does phenomenal the media will say he was mediocre and if he does mediocre they will say he was bad. All the while the most toxic and repulsive faces of the far-left “protesters” will be broadcast to America as brave men and women standing up to the oh so oppressive Donald Trump. If Trump lowers taxes they will say he cut them too low, and if he should raise them from there they will say he brought them up too high. There will be no winning for Trump if the mainstream media has anything to say about it. Any and all problems that arise will be nobody’s fault but Trump’s should the MSM decide to spin it that way.

This is what we have to expect for the next four years. And although these media outlets have lightened their tone on Trump (slightly) since he was elected President, it doesn’t mean they are suddenly impartial — they probably never will be. Remember, it’s not about the country to them, it’s about their shareholders. I, and many others hoped the election of Trump would be the death of the MSM, but now I’m beginning to think it was just the beginning of the exposure of the MSM. Hopefully I’m correct. But for now get ready for one of the most heavily scrutinized presidencies of all time. And I’ll be right here refuting the mainstream media’s false claims, till 2020 and beyond.


Posted by Austin Mann

Writer for The American Revenant and owner of several Facebook pages, Austin currently resides in Ocala, FL.

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