An Iowa state representative proposed a bill titled “Suck it Up, Buttercup,” which aims to cut funding to Universities that go above and beyond to coddle their students using federal funding, as they did after Donald Trump was elected. Every state needs this law.

Thanks to pop culture, many think college is the ultimate place for the human experience, a time worth remembering forever. The media has devoted an entire genre to movies and sitcoms in the setting of these 4-8 years of life. But the reality of university does not look at all like the way it’s portrayed. Colleges are slowly becoming an Orwellian nightmare of censorship, harassment, and expulsion of anyone that doesn’t follow their narratives or ideology exactly as prescribed. This is not helping people found a basis for their future in society; this is creating people who believe in fantasy.

Pictured: Fantasy

Pictured: Fantasy

And when those fantasies are not achieved, we get mass protests over non-issues and lies that lead to people in university losing their jobs. For example, the President of the University of Missouri resigned after intense harassment and protest from students for the crime not being progressive enough. These people are so quick to jump the gun to protest that they will protest over a swastika drawn on a wall in feces, to ban “offensive” Halloween costumes, or even just vague rumors of good ol’ boys in trucks driving around yelling racial slurs without any evidence of it occurring. These are non-issues. They are not human rights violations or hate crimes, they are simple rumors, and, at worst, mild vandalism. The university’s response should be “suck it up, butter cup, go back to class,” but it’s not. What they choose to do instead is encourage this disruptive nonsense. And, in some cases, even participate in it. All while receiving funding from the federal government, a.k.a., the taxpayers.

The issues we face are: both a moral culture that is increasingly being defined by victimhood and projected oppression, going so far as to attack people who are not oppressed enough simply for not facing said oppression, and a surge of faked human rights violations and hate crimes. In the early 90’s, Robert Hughes published the book “Culture of Complaint: The Fraying of America (American Lectures)”, which very accurately predicted that our culture would become increasingly infantilized and victim based. It was written around the time of the growth of the grievance industry, the same one that now has a choke hold on the West.

There’s a lot of profit that can be made from this “grievance industry.” Playing the victim will get you free press-speaking time on national news. This happens both on the right and left now in different ways and it’s an embarrassment to both. The left’s victimhood is extremely profitable. On the internet, if someone makes a lot of abrasive posts insulting people and they get an equal response back from the internet,they can still play the victim—and will receive thousands of dollars in donations and news coverage even though they got exactly what they put out back to them.

All of this is powered by a horde of useful idiots ready to fire up the faux-outrage about one thing or another to virtue signal how progressive they are. Everyone, from politicians to celebrities, will come to be your knight in shining armor if you present yourself as a victim well enough to get their attention.

Meanwhile, a much smaller problem we have on the right is people faking censorship. This abuses what’s called the “Streisand Effect” to get additional coverage. It’s easy to exploit the victim narrative from both sides. More so when we have mountains of evidence of censorship coming from the left every day. So, it can be very easy to hide in some fake or exaggerated claims of censorship. This doesn’t happen nearly as often, mind you, but it is still a point I believe should be called out and shut down, as these people damage the free speech movement we are a part of and our reputations on the political playing field. Neither of these things are representative of reality. These are lies and over-blown victimhood which lead to personal gain.

All of this easily shatters the notion that university is the high ground of knowledge, understanding of reality and a place to find yourself we see in our pop culture. What will shock you most is that this destabilization of our culture is only a few decades old, and it’s going to be a take a few decades to reverse it. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it comes from early-to-late Communist subversion that started during the Cold War.

The left has been infected with Communist subversion (yes, really), but that’s a topic for another time.


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  1. Great post. Safe Space culture is a cancer and must be killed.



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