Today Barack Obama awarded the Medal of Freedom, America’s highest civilian honor to a collection of Hollywood celebrities who campaigned for Hillary Clinton.  Thankfully, this is the last time the President will disgrace the accolade.

The “prestige payoff” was given to long-time democrat loyalists such as:

Robert De Niro, who’s hits include “I’d Like to Punch Trump in the Face” and “Meet the Fockers”.

Bill & Melinda Gates, who are currently giving their fortune away to foreign countries, rather than helping the millions of unemployed Americans.

Tom Hanks who was offended with Trump “as a man”.

Bruce Springsteen, who performed at multiple Clinton rallies for free.

And Ellen Degeneres, who routinely tried to humanize Clinton on her daytime talkshow.

There’s a question of whether or not famous actors and musicians are deserving of the Medal of Freedom to begin with.  But this particularly partisan bunch, I don’t think so.


Posted by Spencer P Morrison

JD candidate, writer, and independent intellectual with a focus on applied philosophy, empirical history, and practical economics. Author of "America Betrayed" and Editor-In-Chief of the National Economics Editorial. Say hi on Twitter @SPMorrison_

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