An immoral or corrupt person.

(Editor’s Note: Sources will be hyperlinked. Facts don’t care about your feelings. The personal character jabs only apply to the people they offend. So, if you’re a good person, you needn’t worry! But, if you have blue hair, thirty piercings and a bong in your lap, you better strap in.)

Let’s get something straight right off the bat: if you believe morality is relative and therefore degenerates don’t exist, you are a degenerate. Society requires that there be an objective standard of what is ‘good’ and what is ‘bad’ and for society to believe in that standard. Otherwise, we get gems like this from the degenerates over at Salon:


This isn’t an extreme example, mind you. This was just the most immediate one I could think of, but here’s another from The New York Times.

In an argument on the topic of pedophilia, the rebuttal is usually that studies have shown that many self-identified pedophiles don’t ever act on their impulses and were born with those impulses. This is a huge mistake to bring up, because numbers are always on the side of facts and evidence, not degeneracy and ideologically driven lunacy. As such, here’s another fun-fact: 100% of people who aren’t pedophiles never molest children. If I were born with a small chance of my skin spontaneously combusting, I’d expect society to keep me as far away from gas stations as possible – it’s the same with pedophiles and daycares.

If you defend pedophilia, you are a degenerate; if you are getting angry right now for me having pointed this out, you are a degenerate – a morally reprehensible profligate. The state of Western culture in the ‘current year’ is such, that all of what you are about to read has to be explained to far too many people, as it isn’t inherently accepted. Think of this and stew on it, if only just for a moment: there is a rather large population of people who would demand that this website be shut down for explaining that sometimes people aren’t worth the paper their birth certificate was printed on. “This is a news site, so what’s this commentary doing on it?” you might ask. Well, simply because to some people this is news.


“Neither of us have had jobs since the ’90s.” Confirmed degenerate.

A murderer is not worth as much as a man working three jobs to pay his kid’s college tuition and keep his house from being foreclosed while making sure his pregnant wife has enough diapers for the coming baby. A college, wherein the professors teach this child that an admirable life like his father’s should be disregarded in lieu of some Marxist fantasy where everyone is equal, money grows on trees and the classes should be at war instead of live in harmony. As it turns out, nameless professor, some people are worth less than others and your drivel is based on the writings of someone who never worked a day in his life, Karl Marx.

“Racist!” they cry out. “Bigot!” another protests.

Oh, gee, wow. I thought pedophiles were disgusting heaps of garbage better suited to the depths of Hell than my local daycare, but your baseless insults have really changed my mind. For any mentally deficient liberal arts students among you, that was sarcasm (also, 53% of college graduates, mostly art majors, were jobless or working at a fast-food place in 2012; switch majors or cook French-fries – your choice).

Some more news for the morally bankrupt, ideological, ignorant and ethically inept: eventually you’re going to have to get a job or become the best at what you want to do and charge people when you do it. More importantly, you degenerate, scum-of-the-Earth, regressive troglodyte, analyze whether you even have the ability to become talented at what you want to do (spoiler: you probably don’t). Then and only then should you reflect upon your current aspirations and “dreams.”

“Dreams.” That’s where it all starts.

Odd how none of them want to become plumbers and all of them are academically challenged. #FollowYourDreams

Odd how not one among them wants to become a plumber, and all of them are academically challenged. #FollowYourDreams

You there, backwards reprobate, do you know why the idiom “in your dreams” means what it does? Example: “I’m going to destroy the American capitalist filth!” said Fidel Castro. “In your dreams, Commie,” America replied. And then Castro died on Black Friday, his dream never having been fulfilled. The idiom means that your aspirations will likely never happen even under perfect circumstances, because either you’re incapable or the probability of it happening is negligible at best — just like the events that occur in dreams.

Far too many of the teachers I grew up around told the class to “follow your dreams.” And that’s exactly what they did. As it turned out, many of my classmates dreamed of smoking weed all day and playing video games. But they needed to make money somehow, and so a lot started selling that weed, and then selling meth. I know of at least ten people I grew up with who followed the exact same stupid dream and ended up in prison on drug charges and I’m only in my early twenties.

But don’t take my word for it. The only generation to have done more drugs than Millennials were the Baby Boomers during the psychedelic, degenerate enclave that was 1960. Here’s my personal favorite of the graphs:


Baby Boomer generation is yellow, the purplish color represents Millennials. No amount of Oxycodone will take away the crippling pain that is your existence.

Regardless of how offended you are, know that no one cares whatsoever, least of all me. When I call you a regressive, useless, self-made-destitute, intellectually negligible, incorrigible waste of my time, do not take it lightly. You should be mad as hell right now, I want you to be. I want you to get so mad that you put down that bong and put a ring on the finger of that pretty girl whose eggs will have dried up by the time you look around and realize you’re a mess; I want you to get so pissed that you start lifting weights, read up on history, culture, crime and social statistics and then lift weights, get buff so that you can kick my ass both intellectually and physically.

I want you to be better than me so that you can be the part of society whose purpose is to raise that society to greater heights, and so raise all of us up right along with you. I want you to become something I could never be with the skills you have that I couldn’t muster given a million years.

That something, statistically, isn’t your dream. That something is your purpose. So stop being a degenerate and come kick my ass; society depends on it.


Posted by The Editor in Chief

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  1. That Steve Pavlina site you quoted where he said “I haven’t had a job since the 90s”? He’s a well-known self-help author / blogger who makes money from those ventures. When he said “I haven’t had a job” he meant “I haven’t worked 9-5 for a company”. He’s his own boss. You need to do some fact checking before posting.



    1. Is that what I need to do, Janet? It is intellectually dishonest to give a headline like that and expect people to walk away with the impression that you’re a smart fella. I don’t care if he’s a millionaire; if he classifies himself as jobless just to sell some hokum about doing what one wants so that they “never work a day” in their life, then I am rightfully going to call him a degenerate.

      Have a nice day, Janet.


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