Month: December 2016

Obama Spent More on Vacations Than Any Other President, $85 Million (Of Your Money)

Acting as one of the most well-traveled Commander-in-Chiefs in U.S. history, President Obama has made several historic trips around the planet. Going from the Czech Republic to India and Cuba, […]

Currency Manipulation Explained

For everyone pushing for free trade with China, there’s something you should know. They fight dirty. China applies relentless economic pressure on America using a number of sophisticated tactics.  I’ll […]

Cheesecake Factory Refuses Service to Law Enforcement

A Cheesecake Factory in Washington asked a corrections officer and her party to leave after seeing that she carried a firearm. The Corrections Officer, Miriam Nichols, posted a message to […]


Via Breitbart: Milan (AFP) – A rookie Italian police officer on Friday shot dead the Tunisian suspect in the Berlin truck attack after four days on the run, ending a […]

Obama’s Legacy: America’s Collapsing Economy In 9 Charts

America’s economy has been slowing since the 1970s. If you don’t believe me, let me convince you: 1. GDP Per Capita Growth’s Slowing GDP growth has been slowing since the […]

PsyOps: CIA Paid Washington Post $600 Million, The Post Releases “Secret CIA Assessment”

The Washington Post recently released a story in which they claimed to have received word of a secret CIA assessment that concluded Russia had interfered in the United States election […]

Putin: ‘There can only be one response’ to the Assassination of Russian Ambassador

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, has responded to the multiple terror attacks which occurred on Monday. One of which, in Ankara, Turkey, resulted in the death of Russian Ambassador Andrey […]

Obama’s New Office: A Garage (Yes, Seriously)

Though we’re loathe to use them as a source, TMZ acquired information from the contractor working on Obama’s new, rented home. In addition to an enhanced security system being installed, […]

Barack Obama Criticizes Electoral College, Calls it Outdated “Vision”

Soon-to-be-replaced President Barack Obama called the Electoral College an outdated “vision” from “how our federal government was going to work.” Being a former constitutional lawyer, his views on the matter […]

NOT SATIRE: 12 Arrested in India for Not Standing During National Anthem

Colin Kaepernick has faced criticism for kneeling during the national anthem, but if he tried to pull that in India, he would face jail time. Over the last two days, police in […]