Megyn Kelly, controversial anchor with Fox News, may be scooped up by CNN, The Drudge Report learned from a “top source.” Jeff Zucker, President of CNN, is “moving the Himilayan mountains trying to get her.” But they’re “being tripped up on money. He [Zucker] can’t pay her the $20 million a year Fox has on the table.”

CNN dropped to third in ratings in August following their biased “reporting” on the election, leaning heavily towards Hillary Clinton.

Kelly’s ratings dropped in favor of Sean Hannity’s, though Hannity had a less desirable time slot. Hannity supported Trump during the election, garnering him viewers, while Kelly filled her one-hour show with anti-Trump guests and rhetoric. Kelly fell behind MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow in ratings for a time, who nearly cried after Donald Trump won the 2016 general election.

maddow crying

Maddow following the election results.

Megyn Kelly’s contract with Fox ends in July 2017. “For Kelly, a move to Columbus Circle would represent a fresh break from the turbulent eighteen months at Fox News,” The Drudge Report wrote. “And the chance to go directly against arch-nemesis Bill O’Reilly will be hard to resist.”

Kelly is “despised” by her fellow on-air talent at Fox, and the tensions have only gotten worse following the release of her book, which has only sold an abysmal 500,000 copies. Moving to CNN would be “the opportunity of lifetime,” the source said. “Megyn would become an international star at CNN,” the Drudge Report added.

“She could even star in a movie at WARNER BROS,” the source concluded.


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  1. With her backing the losing presidential candidate and her book a failure, and her smearing of Roger Ailes becoming known, her market value has probably gone down and Fox may have taken the $20 million off the table. She’ll take 15 somewhere else and have to tell a story about how it’s really a win for her.

    She’ll still be getting more than she’s worth.



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