Part-time math instructor at University of Nevada, Las Vegas — which toutes itself as “the second most diverse college in the nation” — George Buch said he would report the presence of illegal immigrant students in his class to Immigrations and Customs Enforcement.

In a Facebook comment thread on Wednesday night Buch wrote that there are “no safe spaces in my classes” for students in the country illegally. “I would have to turn you into ICE,” Buch responded to a hypothetical question raised by UNLV student Javier Aget-Torres. A comment that was not captured by those on the thread due to blatant narrative twisting.

UNLV faculty members, students, the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada and Nevada’s Voice, gathered at UNLV’s (ironically named) Free Speech Zone today at 3 p.m. to denounce his comments, and to ask the university to take action against Buch. They did not comment on whether or not Buch was exercising his own right to free speech. The American Revenant’s legal advisor, Spencer Morrison, said “he was absolutely exercising his first amendment right. This whole thing is hypocritical.”

“Professor Buch posted this incendiary comment less than an hour after the Rogers Foundation held a press conference to ask all education institutions in Nevada to become “Sanctuaries” for students and to protect them against any hostile behavior, like that exemplified by Professor Buch,” read a statement released by Nevada’s Voice.

The Rogers Foundation claimed that Trump’s proposals are a “danger” to the future of “many of our students (who) are in this country innocently and have been for most of their lives,” said the letter, which was signed by foundation Chairwoman Beverly Rogers and Rory Reid, president of the foundation, referencing the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals executive action (DACA). DACA, which was signed by President Barack Obama in 2012, temporarily defers the deportation of hundreds of thousands of students who were brought to the country illegally.

The Consolidated Students of the University of Nevada (CSUN) said in a statement today that it “will not tolerate behaviors that undermine our university community to damage the overall student experience.”

“CSUN will continue to stand by any student that feels subject to a situation where they feel unsafe or uncomfortable, including any statements made by UNLV staff in-person or online,” the statement continued. “We are committed to speaking out against discrimination and hate speech in order to advance the cause of equality for all students.”

(Editor’s Note: We cannot allow Buch to lose his job over this if we can do anything to help it. He didn’t say anything wrong by admitting he would follow the law and report anyone here illegally. If you read this, Buch, we want to help. The editor lives in Las Vegas and would love to interview you and get your message out. Email:


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  1. You can’t be nice to liberals, they aren’t nice in return. Be prepared for him not to be offered teaching in a future semester, and think about how to collect on a big lawsuit for retaliation.

    Now the thing to do is deny deny deny, but when you get those kids in class, file anonymous reports with ICE. They don’t have to know why they were picked up or which faculty to avoid.



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