Via Breitbart:

Milan (AFP) – A rookie Italian police officer on Friday shot dead the Tunisian suspect in the Berlin truck attack after four days on the run, ending a massive Europe-wide manhunt.

Anis Amri, 24, was accused of killing 12 people and wounding dozens more in Monday’s assault on a Christmas market, which has been claimed by the Islamic State jihadist group.

Italy’s interior minister Marco Minniti told a press conference in Rome that Amri had been fatally shot after pulling out a pistol and firing at police who had stopped him for a routine identity check around 3:00 am (0200 GMT) near Milan’s Sesto San Giovanni train station.

Identity checks had established “without a shadow of doubt” that the dead man was Amri, the minister said.

He hailed the two policemen as heroes. Trainee officer Luca Scata, 29, fired the fatal shot. His partner Christian Movio, 36, was hit in the shoulder and was in hospital awaiting surgery, but not in any danger.



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