California’s Public Education System Is Crowded, Expensive, And Unsafe

First thing’s first: California’s public education system (K-12) is a disaster.

Despite what many latte-sipping, Californian elites say, a recent study placed their system 37th in the Union for educational quality, and 49th in terms of safety—the schools are objectively bad and dangerous.

Not only that, but California’s schools have one of the highest student-to-teacher ratios in the country (35% above the national average), while per-pupil spending has been decreasing steadily.

Academics attribute this to a myriad of factors, including the inability raise taxes easily (due to referendum requirements), lack of federal support, and racism.

None of these causes really get to the point: California’s schools are bad because they’re stuffed to the brim with illegal immigrant students, and anchor babies.

In fact, there are 1.1 million undocumented children, or anchor babies currently enrolled in California’s public education system.

Illegal Immigrants & Their Children Make Up 17.7% of California’s K-12 Student Population, Cost $15.63 Billion Per Year

california classrooms are crowded

California’s classrooms are some of the most crowded in the country—classes are swollen by a large number of “anchor babies” and undocumented children.

According to the NEE’s report on illegal immigrants in California:

“As stated, there are 975,000 anchor babies and 130,000 undocumented children living in California.  This totals 1.105 million children—all of whom are educated at state expense.

Although the California Department of Education doesn’t include undocumented children as a separate statistical group in terms of costs, we know that the total enrollment in California’s public schools was 6,226,737 in 2016.

A further 573,000 attended private charter schools (irrelevant for our purposes).

Given that the vast majority of illegal immigrants attend public schools, this means that roughly 17.7% of California’s public student population is comprised of children here illegally, or the children of illegal immigrants.

This inflated student population costs a lot, and adds huge burdens on California’s education system.

According to California’s state budget, $88.3 billion is allocated for California’s K-12 students ($51.6 billion from California, the rest from local and federal initiatives).

Given their proportion of the student population, illegal immigrants and their children eat up $15.63 billion in educational costs.”

Illegal immigration has destroyed California’s public school.

There’s just no way that the system can function properly when almost 1 out of 5 of it’s students are undocumented: the system isn’t designed for that many students.

If they weren’t there, California’s student-to-teacher ratio would be at the national average, and spending per student would actually be above the national average.

And yet California supports illegal immigration, all the while it’s their kids that suffer.


Posted by John Whitaker

Journalist, small cap trader, classical conservative.

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