In the wake of Donald Trump’s comments on Sweden’s handling of the migrant crisis, the county has been rocked by riots, perpetrated by the very migrants Trump identified as the source of trouble.

Riots were most furious in Malmo and Stockholm, which are home to Sweden’s largest Muslim, and migrant populations.

But the situation has been deteriorating for months (if not years in certain areas).

Sweden’s police officers finally admit that migrants are causing most of Sweden’s crime—even at great personal risk to themselves.

The Swedish government has been working over-time to cover up the problems, and has charged one of the officers who broke the silence with the crime of “hate speech“—which, in this case, means anything even vaguely anti-migrant (or honest).

At this point, Swedish police have now labelled 55 areas as “no-go” zones—206,000 people live in these areas.  These are migrant slums which have replaced domestic law for Sharia.

In addition to this, Sweden’s National Police Commissioner, Dan Eliasson, has stated that he needs at least 4,100 new full-time officers to deal with the surging crime rates (at a cost of over $160 million a year).

Of course, the statistics also bare this out: migrants are responsible for up to 95% of all new crimes in Sweden, when accounting for natural population changes.  The following chart says it all:

Sweden's crime is caused by migrants & refugees, graph

All this new crime’s expensive too.

According to a recent study by Ingvar Nilsson, the average cost of an incident of a less serious crime in Sweden, like a mugging, are $22,000.

The cost of a serious crime (violent or sexual assaults) averages out to $67,000.

The costs included by the researchers include ambulance costs, emergency room operations, sick leave, the need for social assistance for injured people, police investigations, the court system etc.

If we calculate the increased cost of crimes associated with the migrants, it turns out that serious crimes cost an additional $6.5 billion, while less serious crimes cost an additional $2 billion.  Finally, extra policing costs will require a minimum of $200 million for additional officers and equipment.

In total, increased incidents of crime (mostly caused by the migrants) costs Sweden roughly $8.7 billion a year.

At this rate, Sweden won’t be a “socialist paradise” for much longer.


Posted by John Whitaker

Journalist, small cap trader, classical conservative.

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  1. Mass immigration from non-Western countries without assimilation will mean the end of Western societies as we have known them. There is a real danger and downside to multiculturalism.



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