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Ford Cancels Mexican Plant: Invests $700 In Michigan

Jan 3, 2017 Ford To $700 million Invest In Michigan Today, Ford Motor Company announced it will not be building its new $1.6 billion plant in San Luis Potosi, Mexico; […]

Silicon Valley Bends the Knee: Apple May Relocate iPhone Assembly to America

I explained how Donald Trump will bring 10 million offshored jobs back to America in my last article. It’s already happening. Today, Apple indicated that it may relocate its iPhone […]

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How Trump Will Win A Trade War and Bring 10 Million Jobs Home

Donald Trump’s been saying it for decades: America’s getting ripped off on trade. He’s right.  We are. Countries like China, Japan, and Mexico are waging a trade war against America.  […]

U.S. Government Hid 14 Million People; The Truth About Unemployment

Donald Trump has a knack (some may say a curse) for saying what he means.  The man doesn’t mince words.  For example, he’s called the unemployment rate one of the […]

Trump and the Truth about America’s Dying Economy: Part II

Nothing has changed since Part I of this article: America’s economy is still bad. Here are three more reasons why. 1. We don’t make anything anymore. American manufacturing has been […]

Trump and the Truth About America’s Dying Economy: Part I

Read part II here. Trump’s a man of big ideas and small words.  He keeps it simple.  He tells it like it is.  So when he says that America’s economy […]

NYC Pharmacy Imposes ‘Man Tax’

A pharmacy in New york City has imposed a policy that blatantly discriminates against customers of the male gender. This “man tax” is a 7% price hike designed to help combat […]