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PsyOps: CIA Paid Washington Post $600 Million, The Post Releases “Secret CIA Assessment”

The Washington Post recently released a story in which they claimed to have received word of a secret CIA assessment that concluded Russia had interfered in the United States election […]

“Crybaby Loser” Jill Stein Tricked People Out of Millions of Dollars (Likely On Purpose)

On November 23rd, Jill Stein, candidate for the Green Party launched an effort to get votes recounted in three states that she quotes  ‘election integrity experts,’ as having said they […]

Zuckerberg Unveils New Censorship Plot; It’s Joseph Stalin’s

Editor’s Note: The sources quoted in the following article come from a book on Communist censorship, a KGB agent, and the very Wikipedia page on Communist censorship for good measure. With […]

Mainstream Media Says Donald Trump Isn’t “Normal”, Also Says Pedophiles Are Just Fine

1. The Guardian Editor’s Note: We’re not going to hyperlink these pedophile apologist’s sites and drive them traffic/money. If you’re that curious, Google the articles. The headlines are in the […]

The New York Times Promises to Stop Shilling For Clinton

We have brought them to heel. The New York Times’ publisher released a letter to reader on Friday promising to “reflect” on this year’s coverage of the election so that […]

The Missing Link: Child Sex Trafficking, ISIS, and the Clintons

(NOTE: If you’re in the know about WikiLeaks’ history of uncovered Clinton scandals, skip to the middle of this article and read through to the end.) Whether due to political […]

IRONY: Government Officials Afraid Because Citizens Have Their Private Information

In a truly creative and detestable fashion, CNN interviewed various U.S. Government Officials and political pundits to garner sympathy from the public. “I’ve had sleepless nights,” one anonymous pundit said […]

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WikiLeaks, Clinton Campaign Manager: The “Objective” Is To “Undermine the Benghazi Hearings”

Jennifer Palmieri, one-time White House Comm. Director under Barack Obama and current Communications director for the Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign, was caught purposefully trying to “undermine” the Benghazi investigation. The […]

Wikileaks: Clinton Camp Acknowledges It Thinks “Black Voters Are Stupid”

One of Hillary Clinton’s media shill supporters almost had a conscience for a brief moment, but his ignorance kind of overshadowed that. Brent Budowsky, political and opinion blogger for The […]

One Million Illegals Released Into U.S., Loophole Brings In ‘Refugee Children’

The Department of Homeland released another 52,147 Undocumented Alien Children (UAC) into the United States in fiscal year 2016, 149 per day. A total of 5,203 kids were released just […]