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John Oliver: Current Year is “The F–king Worst”, “What the F–k Do We Do Now?”

On John Oliver’s first episode of “Last Week Tonight” since Trump won the election, the comedian saw a bleak outcome for the current year, and years to come. “It’s important […]

Kind Reporter Gives Liberals Directions to Canada

Fox 23 in Oklahoma took a moment out of its traffic reporting to give liberals directions to Canada just in case their “candidate lost.” What a nice guy!

Girl Asks For Open Relationship, “I want this slut out of my apartment NOW!!!”

Reddit Repost Via I, Hypocrite I’m pretty fucking upset right now. I’m going to do my best to explain everything that’s happened. I’ve had an extended holiday (3 months) planned […]

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WATCH: How To Stop “Liberal Commie Scum” From Stealing Your Trump Sign

This video, made by CNN of all places, shows the various techniques Trump supporters have used to stop what one man called “liberal commie scum” from stealing their Trump signs. […]

What If Donald Trump Were President: ‘Mexico Wouldn’t Pay For The Wall’, ‘Walls Don’t Work’

This is part of a series examining what would happen if Trump were president. In part one we went over the similarities and differences between Donald Trump’s Presidency and Adolph Hitler’s […]

Donald Trump is Not ‘Literally Hitler’

The entirety of this series will assume that Donald Trump will become president, and his policies will be put in place with all of the most popular or important variables, […]