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Dear Libertarians

I got into an argument with an Anarcho-Capitalist Libertarian a few nights ago, and many of the things he said are still ringing in my ears. But one statement sticks […]

Stop Being a Worthless Degenerate (And Other Life-Hacks)

Degenerate Noun /dəˈjen(ə)rət/ An immoral or corrupt person. (Editor’s Note: Sources will be hyperlinked. Facts don’t care about your feelings. The personal character jabs only apply to the people they […]

Communism’s Present-Day Stranglehold on America, Universities

Marxism was created by Karl Marx; a German philosopher from the mid-19th century. His message, works and writings came together to define the movement, Marxism, in The Communist Manifesto; a […]

Just How Many Bad Hombres Are Getting Deported? (It’s a LOT)

The single most important aspect of a nation’s security, behind its military strength, is its immigration laws. While Trump has said that “three or four million” illegal immigrants will be […]

The New “Suck it Up, Buttercup” Law Should Be Federal Law, Here’s Why

An Iowa state representative proposed a bill titled “Suck it Up, Buttercup,” which aims to cut funding to Universities that go above and beyond to coddle their students using federal […]

Google and Facebook Can Go to Hell, “Fake” News Kept America Alive

Apparently, if you aren’t a progressive Liberal, a Socialist, Communist, or other kind of Marxist, Google and Facebook decided that you, and all of your work, is “fake news”. Then […]

What Your Stupid Safety Pin ACTUALLY Means

After the election ended, memes started popping up about wearing safety pins to show solidarity with those who wish to stay safe from what people seem to think are violent […]

forced child to learn islamic prayer

School “Forced” Child To Learn Islamic Chant, Father Shocked When He Found the Assignment

The father of a student at an elementary school in Germany was informed by his daughter that she had been “forced” to learn the Islamic prayer, via an instructional, required […]