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Congress Earmarks $1.5 Billion To Fix Fences, But Nothing For The Wall

Although today’s Congressional budget agreement, which will be voted on in the next few days, disperses over $1 trillion to various government departments, it allocates only $1.5 billion additional dollars […]

The Top 10 Right Wing People You Should Be Following On Twitter

People are always asking me who I follow on Twitter (especially in light of Twitter’s crackdown on conservatives).  Why?  I have no idea. But regardless, I’ve written up a short […]

Dear Reader: You’re An Idiot

You’re an idiot. I know it, your friends know it — everyone knows it. It’s all anyone talks about (behind your back, naturally). And deep down, you know it too. But you’re […]

Let the “Dangerous Faggot” Speak

Yesterday, rabid leftist zombies (known among their own as “protesters”) crawled out from under their slimy rocks to stop Milo Yiannopoulos (my favorite free speech provocateur & general SJW-agitator)  from giving his […]

How America Made China Great Again

In a few decades, China’s risen from a land of rice paddies and rickshaws to one of skyscrapers and steel. How? America provided them with enough capital, both indirectly (by […]

Clinton Should Still Be Worried About Indictment, Very Worried

Has President-Elect Donald Trump just broken one of his campaign promises by saying he won’t be going after Hillary Clinton?  Today a Breitbart headline led people to believe that he […]

America’s Women’s Soccer Team Lost to 17 Year Old Boys, Demand Equal Pay With Men’s Team

Tonight, CBS’s 60 Minutes presented an expose on America’s national women’s soccer team and their fight for pay equality with the men’s team. Carli Lloyd, a FIFI Women’s World Cup Champion […]

Media Armed to Defame Trump’s Good Name, Fill History With Lies

It’s been ten days since Republican nominee Donald Trump became President-elect Donald Trump. In the last week we’ve all seen the headlines claiming Trump’s transition team, with which he’s finding […]

To Make America Great Again Clickbait Must Be Destroyed

We hate clickbait. We will never, and do not, use it. Ever. This is a message to those of you who want to know what’s going on without blatant lies […]


The Madman Actually Did it, He Won the Whole Thing

For those of you living under a rock, Donald J. Trump is now president elect of the most powerful nation on earth and will soon have a big say in […]