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Top 7 Ways Canada Submits To Islam

The Islamization Of Canada Is Happening At Record Speed Canada is submitting to Islam—ironic, given that Islam actually means submission. What do I mean? The country is bending over backwards […]

1 In 5 California Students Is An Illegal Immigrant Or Anchor Baby—Costs The State $15.63 Billion Per Year To Educate Them

California’s Public Education System Is Crowded, Expensive, And Unsafe First thing’s first: California’s public education system (K-12) is a disaster. Despite what many latte-sipping, Californian elites say, a recent study […]

Communism’s Present-Day Stranglehold on America, Universities

Marxism was created by Karl Marx; a German philosopher from the mid-19th century. His message, works and writings came together to define the movement, Marxism, in The Communist Manifesto; a […]

Clinton Should Still Be Worried About Indictment, Very Worried

Has President-Elect Donald Trump just broken one of his campaign promises by saying he won’t be going after Hillary Clinton?  Today a Breitbart headline led people to believe that he […]

Media Armed to Defame Trump’s Good Name, Fill History With Lies

It’s been ten days since Republican nominee Donald Trump became President-elect Donald Trump. In the last week we’ve all seen the headlines claiming Trump’s transition team, with which he’s finding […]

Canadians Will Provide Medical Care to ISIS Fighters In Iraq

Canada has just taken control of a Role 2 Medical Facility in Northern Iraq, which is staffed with over 50 healthcare professionals, including surgeons, physicians, nurses, lab and diagnostics technicians, […]

Shoe-In For DNC Leader Has Ties To Terrorist Organizations

After the DNC suffered a historic loss to Donald Trump, democrats are already looking for a new face to lead as party chair. The last two chairwomen were caught up […]

How Communism Comes to Power, Commits Ideological Suicide, and Does It All Over Again

Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) will, inevitably and consistently, be killed by the very people they gave power to. But in order to get to the point where SJWs would have […]

Democracy for Dummies: The Electoral College Was Made to Prevent Rabid Rioters from Leading a Country

In what can only be deemed the biggest political upset in recent history, Donald Trump’s astounding victory is already provoking tantrums from “Democrats” across the nation. Of course these aren’t […]

We Are The Champions: How Trump Won The Election

If you haven’t been living in a cave, chances are you’ve heard the news: Donald Trump has won the Presidency of the United States. This may come as a shock to […]