What If Donald Trump Were President: ‘Mexico Wouldn’t Pay For The Wall’, ‘Walls Don’t Work’

This is part of a series examining what would happen if Trump were president. In part one we went over the similarities and differences between Donald Trump’s Presidency and Adolph Hitler’s […]

NYC Pharmacy Imposes ‘Man Tax’

A pharmacy in New york City has imposed a policy that blatantly discriminates against customers of the male gender. This “man tax” is a 7% price hike designed to help combat […]

Update: Government Confirmed To Have Cut Off Assange’s Internet

Update, 1/18/16, 8:10 p.m.: Ecuador has confirmed that they have in fact severed Assange’s internet connection due to the recent Podesta leaks. Regarding this, they said “The Government of Ecuador respects […]

Donald Trump is Not ‘Literally Hitler’

The entirety of this series will assume that Donald Trump will become president, and his policies will be put in place with all of the most popular or important variables, […]

Putin: A Vote For Hillary Clinton Would Lead To ‘War’

In a recent interview with Russia’s local media, President Vladimir Putin said “a vote for Trump is a vote for peace.” But, if Americans vote for Hillary Clinton, “it’s war.” […]