Millennials Got Screwed—New Report Shows Young Adults Worse Off Than Parents At Same Age

It’s no secret that the American dream’s been dying for decades. Years of incompetent trade policies that have undermined our industry and caused massive job loss. The middle class were the […]

Lockheed Pledges 1,800 New Jobs & Cheaper Jets—Succumbs To Trump’s Tweets

Lockheed Martin Corp (LMT.N) announced today that it close to finalizing a deal that will significantly lower the cost of its F-35 fighter jets, after CEO Marillyn Hewson’s meeting with […]

$22.3 Billion New US Investments Planned—Automakers Step Up

Jan 9, 2017 Automakers Pledge Investments At Detroit Auto Show Big news from Detroit’s Auto Show—auto manufacturers announced major investments in America’s auto industry. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles announced it plans […]

Syrian Migrants Kick Baby In Face, Attack Paramedics Trying To Help

New Year’s Day, 2017. Syrian migrants recently accepted into Germany kicked a baby (1 year old) in the head while fighting on a bus. When paramedics arrived on the scene to […]

Ford Cancels Mexican Plant: Invests $700 In Michigan

Jan 3, 2017 Ford To $700 million Invest In Michigan Today, Ford Motor Company announced it will not be building its new $1.6 billion plant in San Luis Potosi, Mexico; […]

Mexican Pedophile Deported 19 Times Charged With Rape of 13-Year-Old

Trump was heavily mocked following his reference to “Bad-Hombres” during the third Presidential debate. But cases like this one aren’t funny, and “bad” doesn’t even begin to describe this piece […]

Obama Spent More on Vacations Than Any Other President, $85 Million (Of Your Money)

Acting as one of the most well-traveled Commander-in-Chiefs in U.S. history, President Obama has made several historic trips around the planet. Going from the Czech Republic to India and Cuba, […]

Currency Manipulation Explained

For everyone pushing for free trade with China, there’s something you should know. They fight dirty. China applies relentless economic pressure on America using a number of sophisticated tactics.  I’ll […]

Cheesecake Factory Refuses Service to Law Enforcement

A Cheesecake Factory in Washington asked a corrections officer and her party to leave after seeing that she carried a firearm. The Corrections Officer, Miriam Nichols, posted a message to […]


Via Breitbart: Milan (AFP) – A rookie Italian police officer on Friday shot dead the Tunisian suspect in the Berlin truck attack after four days on the run, ending a […]