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Stop Blaming Robots—We’re Losing Jobs to China, Not Machines

Offshoring, Not Automation’s Killing Our Jobs People who say that America is losing its manufacturing jobs because of automation (more robots) are either ignorant, or lying—many are both. Sadly, these […]

Currency Manipulation Explained

For everyone pushing for free trade with China, there’s something you should know. They fight dirty. China applies relentless economic pressure on America using a number of sophisticated tactics.  I’ll […]

How America Made China Great Again

In a few decades, China’s risen from a land of rice paddies and rickshaws to one of skyscrapers and steel. How? America provided them with enough capital, both indirectly (by […]

China’s “Inevitable Rise” Is Marxist Propaganda and Bad History

We are constantly told by the media that Western hegemony is a historical aberration, and that China and India have traditionally been the centers of mankind’s economy and culture. As […]

6 Communists Arrested for Assaulting Trump Supporters

AUSTIN, Texas — Six Communists were arrested in Austin, Texas after violently attacking Trump supporters gathered near the Capitol. Members of the Austin branch of the Communist Red Guards were […]

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How Trump Will Win A Trade War and Bring 10 Million Jobs Home

Donald Trump’s been saying it for decades: America’s getting ripped off on trade. He’s right.  We are. Countries like China, Japan, and Mexico are waging a trade war against America.  […]