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PsyOps: CIA Paid Washington Post $600 Million, The Post Releases “Secret CIA Assessment”

The Washington Post recently released a story in which they claimed to have received word of a secret CIA assessment that concluded Russia had interfered in the United States election […]

“Crybaby Loser” Jill Stein Tricked People Out of Millions of Dollars (Likely On Purpose)

On November 23rd, Jill Stein, candidate for the Green Party launched an effort to get votes recounted in three states that she quotes  ‘election integrity experts,’ as having said they […]

Shoe-In For DNC Leader Has Ties To Terrorist Organizations

After the DNC suffered a historic loss to Donald Trump, democrats are already looking for a new face to lead as party chair. The last two chairwomen were caught up […]

To Make America Great Again Clickbait Must Be Destroyed

We hate clickbait. We will never, and do not, use it. Ever. This is a message to those of you who want to know what’s going on without blatant lies […]

How Communism Comes to Power, Commits Ideological Suicide, and Does It All Over Again

Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) will, inevitably and consistently, be killed by the very people they gave power to. But in order to get to the point where SJWs would have […]

Kind Reporter Gives Liberals Directions to Canada

Fox 23 in Oklahoma took a moment out of its traffic reporting to give liberals directions to Canada just in case their “candidate lost.” What a nice guy!

Democracy for Dummies: The Electoral College Was Made to Prevent Rabid Rioters from Leading a Country

In what can only be deemed the biggest political upset in recent history, Donald Trump’s astounding victory is already provoking tantrums from “Democrats” across the nation. Of course these aren’t […]

BREAKING: Julian Assange Points to Most Incriminating Clinton Email; “Trump Would Not Be Permitted To Win”

In a recent interview with RT, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was asked if he was trying to get Donald Trump into the White House. Julian Assange replied, “Trump would not […]

What If Donald Trump Were President: ‘Mexico Wouldn’t Pay For The Wall’, ‘Walls Don’t Work’

This is part of a series examining what would happen if Trump were president. In part one we went over the similarities and differences between Donald Trump’s Presidency and Adolph Hitler’s […]

Update: Government Confirmed To Have Cut Off Assange’s Internet

Update, 1/18/16, 8:10 p.m.: Ecuador has confirmed that they have in fact severed Assange’s internet connection due to the recent Podesta leaks. Regarding this, they said “The Government of Ecuador respects […]