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There Are 2.6 Million Ukrainian Refugees: “Humanitarian Superpower” Germany Accepted 150 Of Them

From the National Economics Editorial’s report on the Ukrainian refugee crisis. You may not know this, but the Ukrainian Civil War, which the media either completely ignores, or refers to as […]

14.7% Of Germans 32 & Younger Are Muslim—80% Of Them Are On Welfare

Via the National Economics Editorial. “According to The Guardian, there were 4.1 million Muslims in Germany in 2011 (as per their statistical projections). Pew Research, on the other hand, pegged it higher, at […]

Syrian Migrants Kick Baby In Face, Attack Paramedics Trying To Help

New Year’s Day, 2017. Syrian migrants recently accepted into Germany kicked a baby (1 year old) in the head while fighting on a bus. When paramedics arrived on the scene to […]

Putin: ‘There can only be one response’ to the Assassination of Russian Ambassador

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, has responded to the multiple terror attacks which occurred on Monday. One of which, in Ankara, Turkey, resulted in the death of Russian Ambassador Andrey […]

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School “Forced” Child To Learn Islamic Chant, Father Shocked When He Found the Assignment

The father of a student at an elementary school in Germany was informed by his daughter that she had been “forced” to learn the Islamic prayer, via an instructional, required […]