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14.7% Of Germans 32 & Younger Are Muslim—80% Of Them Are On Welfare

Via the National Economics Editorial. “According to The Guardian, there were 4.1 million Muslims in Germany in 2011 (as per their statistical projections). Pew Research, on the other hand, pegged it higher, at […]

America Is Not Mexico’s Welfare System: A Day Without (Illegal) Immigrants Would Save America $351 Million

Via the National Economics Editorial. What Would A #DayWithoutImmigrants Look Like? Left wing activist groups, with help from the mainstream media, have christened Thursday, February 16 as the so-called #DayWithoutImmigrants. They […]

Mexican Pedophile Deported 19 Times Charged With Rape of 13-Year-Old

Trump was heavily mocked following his reference to “Bad-Hombres” during the third Presidential debate. But cases like this one aren’t funny, and “bad” doesn’t even begin to describe this piece […]

In Fear of the Wall, Illegal Immigration Skyrockets

Immigration has been a central issue throughout the duration of the 2016 Presidential race, and many south of the border may be feeling a little anxious about the prospect of […]

Terrorist Leader’s Plot to Destroy U.S. Using Immigration Revealed

In a thrilling new novel, Enhanced Interrogation, CIA contractor James Mitchell shows us insights from his time as an interrogator of Al Qaeda leaders. He states that their plan is […]