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Obama Spent More on Vacations Than Any Other President, $85 Million (Of Your Money)

Acting as one of the most well-traveled Commander-in-Chiefs in U.S. history, President Obama has made several historic trips around the planet. Going from the Czech Republic to India and Cuba, […]

PsyOps: CIA Paid Washington Post $600 Million, The Post Releases “Secret CIA Assessment”

The Washington Post recently released a story in which they claimed to have received word of a secret CIA assessment that concluded Russia had interfered in the United States election […]

Obama’s New Office: A Garage (Yes, Seriously)

Though we’re loathe to use them as a source, TMZ acquired information from the contractor working on Obama’s new, rented home. In addition to an enhanced security system being installed, […]

Obama Rewards Clinton-Supporting Celebrities With Medals of Freedom

Today Barack Obama awarded the Medal of Freedom, America’s highest civilian honor to a collection of Hollywood celebrities who campaigned for Hillary Clinton.  Thankfully, this is the last time the […]

Kanye West Reveals He’s a Trump Supporter, Cancels Tour after Backlash

Previously, in March, there was speculation that rapper and producer Kanye West may have been a Trump supporter after a passenger on the same flight from Paris to L.A. claimed […]

Trump’s Returning Churchill’s Bust to the Oval Office

In 2009 Barrack Obama removed the bust of Sir Winston Churchill from the Oval Office. President Elect Donald Trump plans on returning it. Although he mentioned this during his campaign, […]

Democracy for Dummies: The Electoral College Was Made to Prevent Rabid Rioters from Leading a Country

In what can only be deemed the biggest political upset in recent history, Donald Trump’s astounding victory is already provoking tantrums from “Democrats” across the nation. Of course these aren’t […]

We Are The Champions: How Trump Won The Election

If you haven’t been living in a cave, chances are you’ve heard the news: Donald Trump has won the Presidency of the United States. This may come as a shock to […]

One Million Illegals Released Into U.S., Loophole Brings In ‘Refugee Children’

The Department of Homeland released another 52,147 Undocumented Alien Children (UAC) into the United States in fiscal year 2016, 149 per day. A total of 5,203 kids were released just […]