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Trump’s Top Dog Steve Bannon Destroys Media’s “Racist” Smear Campaign

The media are looking for new ways to attack President-Elect Donald Trump. They are accusing Steve Bannon, Trump’s chief strategist and right hand man, of being a “White Nationalist” in […]

CNN Brings On “Racism Expert” to Talk About Steve Bannon

The above headline is a direct quote from Raw Story. The “racism expert” they’re referring to is the Southern Poverty Law Center President Richard Cohen, who on Monday said that Steve […]

Black and Hispanic Americans Voted Trump—Big League

Donald Trump won America’s presidential election. Why? Because he’s racist.  Because you’re racist.  Because America’s racist. That’s what Liberals say, anyways. Through their gentle weeping and tearful sobs, they say […]

If You’re White: Halloween is Racist, Your Kids Are Racist (According to the Left)

I love Halloween—the parties, the candy, the costumes.  It’s a great time.  It’s a spooky time. And it just got spookier. This year, social justice warriors are using Halloween as […]

Wikileaks: Clinton Camp Acknowledges It Thinks “Black Voters Are Stupid”

One of Hillary Clinton’s media shill supporters almost had a conscience for a brief moment, but his ignorance kind of overshadowed that. Brent Budowsky, political and opinion blogger for The […]