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There Are 2.6 Million Ukrainian Refugees: “Humanitarian Superpower” Germany Accepted 150 Of Them

From the National Economics Editorial’s report on the Ukrainian refugee crisis. You may not know this, but the Ukrainian Civil War, which the media either completely ignores, or refers to as […]

Putin: ‘There can only be one response’ to the Assassination of Russian Ambassador

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, has responded to the multiple terror attacks which occurred on Monday. One of which, in Ankara, Turkey, resulted in the death of Russian Ambassador Andrey […]

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Algorithm Mishap, Pro-Trump Subreddit Given ‘Special’ Treatment (It Wasn’t Russia)

Reddit, the ever-popular web forum, experienced some ‘technical difficulties’ that the people of subreddit r/the_donald found rather interesting. The entirety of a few pages on r/all, the page which hosts […]

John McAfee: North Korea Likely Behind Dyn Hack, More Attacks To Come

Major websites were inaccessible across the United States on Friday after Dyn, whose servers monitor and reroute internet traffic, was targeted by a denial-of-service attack (DDoS) just after 7 a.m. […]

Putin: A Vote For Hillary Clinton Would Lead To ‘War’

In a recent interview with Russia’s local media, President Vladimir Putin said “a vote for Trump is a vote for peace.” But, if Americans vote for Hillary Clinton, “it’s war.” […]