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High-Energy Trump Supporter Banned By Airline After ‘Incident’ On Plane

Expression of freedom of speech or scary outburst? Delta Airlines recently took steps to ban a high-energy Trump supporter from ever flying with them again after an ‘incident’ took place […]

Trump’s Top Dog Steve Bannon Destroys Media’s “Racist” Smear Campaign

The media are looking for new ways to attack President-Elect Donald Trump. They are accusing Steve Bannon, Trump’s chief strategist and right hand man, of being a “White Nationalist” in […]

“Economic Nationalist” Steve Bannon’s Plan to Fix America: Part II

Donald Trump’s Chief Strategist, Breitbart’s Steve Bannon, understands America’s economic problems, and has a plan to fix America’s economy.  It should work. Summing it up, Bannon told the Hollywood Reporter […]

“Economic Nationalist” Steve Bannon’s Plan to Fix America: Part I

Donald Trump shocked America, and triggered social justice warriors everywhere, when he hand-picked Breitbart’s Steve Bannon as his Chief Strategist. Democrats hate Bannon.  They called him a racist.  A white […]

CNN Brings On “Racism Expert” to Talk About Steve Bannon

The above headline is a direct quote from Raw Story. The “racism expert” they’re referring to is the Southern Poverty Law Center President Richard Cohen, who on Monday said that Steve […]