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Trump’s Top Dog Steve Bannon Destroys Media’s “Racist” Smear Campaign

The media are looking for new ways to attack President-Elect Donald Trump. They are accusing Steve Bannon, Trump’s chief strategist and right hand man, of being a “White Nationalist” in […]

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Algorithm Mishap, Pro-Trump Subreddit Given ‘Special’ Treatment (It Wasn’t Russia)

Reddit, the ever-popular web forum, experienced some ‘technical difficulties’ that the people of subreddit r/the_donald found rather interesting. The entirety of a few pages on r/all, the page which hosts […]

Trump and the Truth about America’s Dying Economy: Part II

Nothing has changed since Part I of this article: America’s economy is still bad. Here are three more reasons why. 1. We don’t make anything anymore. American manufacturing has been […]

Trump and the Truth About America’s Dying Economy: Part I

Read part II here. Trump’s a man of big ideas and small words.  He keeps it simple.  He tells it like it is.  So when he says that America’s economy […]

What If Donald Trump Were President: ‘Mexico Wouldn’t Pay For The Wall’, ‘Walls Don’t Work’

This is part of a series examining what would happen if Trump were president. In part one we went over the similarities and differences between Donald Trump’s Presidency and Adolph Hitler’s […]

Putin: A Vote For Hillary Clinton Would Lead To ‘War’

In a recent interview with Russia’s local media, President Vladimir Putin said “a vote for Trump is a vote for peace.” But, if Americans vote for Hillary Clinton, “it’s war.” […]