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Trump to Order Voter Fraud Investigation

President Donald J Trump Stated on Wednesday he will order a majority investigation into voter fraud after making assumptions about millions of illegal immigrant votes being cast in the presidential […]

“Crybaby Loser” Jill Stein Tricked People Out of Millions of Dollars (Likely On Purpose)

On November 23rd, Jill Stein, candidate for the Green Party launched an effort to get votes recounted in three states that she quotes  ‘election integrity experts,’ as having said they […]

benghazi wikileaks investigation

WikiLeaks, Clinton Campaign Manager: The “Objective” Is To “Undermine the Benghazi Hearings”

Jennifer Palmieri, one-time White House Comm. Director under Barack Obama and current Communications director for the Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign, was caught purposefully trying to “undermine” the Benghazi investigation. The […]

MILLIONS Of Dead People ‘Voting Year After Year’

Today, CNN came out with an article claiming that “Trump’s talk of a rigged vote is dangerous,” and “represents the most outlandish moment yet in a campaign devoted to dismantling […]